A new monster skin from Aidan Harris! Judging by the screenie, the skin looks pretty good. Give it a try and post a comment to let us know how it looks in-game!



By: Aidan Harris ([email protected])
To install this skin save Monster_munch.utx into textures in your ut2003 directrory. 
save monster_munch.upl into system in your ut2003 directory.
And you're done!
And i got the patch so now its easier  to install than Iron wire diablo.
Oh and sorry about the quality of the screenshot. I reduced the quality to save discspace (hey it takes a while to send on a 56k.)
If,like me you have a 56k then you could hugely benefit from Go!zilla. Just go to yahoo then type Go!zilla and the first result should be it. You can pause downloads and download from where you left off. So if you can't spend three hours downloading something you can pause and continue the next day or week or month or year or decade (if the file is still on the website.) And when I say three I mean without GO!zilla as it will cut most dowload times in have. 

Some people don't know this but you can dodge off walls. to do this run and jump into a wall and then dodge away from when you're right up against it.
To get a more focused explosion with two or three rockets, hold down the primary and secondary fire button.The rockets will spin together instead of spreading out.

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