This is one badass little honey! Don't get in her way, or you'll become major giblet meat!

She's very nicely skinned and has awesome fea...


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This is one badass little honey! Don't get in her way, or you'll become major giblet meat!

She's very nicely skinned and has awesome features...check out her eyes! Those baby blues have a stare that goes right through a personyikes!

She comes with a base skin and red and blue team skins for bright skins mod. Lots of fun with this one! Highly recommended :)


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Natasha Character Skin to be used for the MercFemale, for Unreal Tournament 2003
Thank you for trying out my skin :)

Includes: base skin, red and blue team skins, for bright skins.

Author: Goran, ZTIGMATA a.k.a Geist a.k.a XORCIST in the servers.

Source Material(s): Wraith, Widowmaker, Satin, Sapphire, textures from UT2003. Tattoo art, and pendant found on the net. Aria Giovanni's lips.

Tools: Unreal Editor 3.0, Photoshop 7.0, and Upaint version 1.

METHOD and INFO: My Fourth skin, and most stressing one yet. Thanks to the alpha channel/masked texture business. Every method I tryed failed, including the tutorials I found that didn't help (at least for me anyway), exept one that is. After two whole days of reserching, only the tutorial, and files provided by Titan Solaris was able to work.
All I did was cut and past, mask, brush work blah blah blah done.
Credit- original artists of ut2003 textures, tattoo artist, pendant maker, Aria Giovanni, and a Special thanks to Titan Solaris for his helpful tutorial. I couldn't have done it without you.

Extract the Natasha.utx to your UT2003/Textures directory. Then extract the Natasha.upl to your UT2003/system folder. Now open the file called with a text editor, scroll down to the very bottom and add the following line of text exactly as it appears:

Natasha="Name:  Natasha|Age:   212|Race:  Werewolf||Data:|The only woman brought into the folds of the Wulfpack, Natasha is an exception to standard protocol. She is a woman of great seductive charm who receives pleasure by making men do whatever she wants.  As well as boasting a wealthy upbringing, it seems odd that she would choose instead to live the isolated lifestyle of the Wulfpack. Possessing no prior weapons training, it is something of a mystery to the administration as to how Natasha attained her military instruction. Where her marksmanship is concerned, Natasha is devastating.||"

Thanks to all of those that made the creation of this skin possible.

My Email:[email protected]

Masked textures tutorial by Titan Solaris:

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