This Bad Ass skin has really clear textures! He is one Mo-Fo who is on a mission to kill!



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This Bad Ass skin has really clear textures! He is one Mo-Fo who is on a mission to kill!


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Nicholas Character Skin to be used for the MercMale, for Unreal Tournament 2003
Thank you for trying out my skin :)

Includes: base skin, red and blue team skins, for bright skins.

Author: Goran, ZTIGMATA a.k.a Geist a.k.a XORCIST in the servers.

Source Material(s): Brock, Widowmaker, and Wraith textures from UT2003.

Tools: Unreal Editor 3.0, Photoshop 7.0, and Upaint version 1.

METHOD and INFO: My second skin. Nicholas was done the same way as Vladamir, cut and past with some of my own minor additions and brush work. The Werewolf characters are influenced by Whilce Portacio's WetWorks comic. and Wildstorm's Team 7, as you may have noticed as the markings over their eye(s). These characters I've created don't really represent any of those in the comics, but like I said, they are influenced. Something I regrettably failed to mention in my first readme text for Vlad. I have two or three more characters to release for the WulfPack, and I suppose what's next is to release their alter ego's so to speak, the Vampire Nations BloodPack. I'm not sure if it would work out, but I would like to try to make a transformed version of the Wulfpack later on. Again, most of the credit should go to the artists of the original UT2003 skins.

Extract the Nicholas.utx to your UT2003/Textures directory. Then extract the Nicholas.upl to your UT2003/system folder. Now open the file called with a text editor, scroll down to the very bottom and add the following line of text exactly as it appears:

Nicholas="Name:  Nicholas|Age:   84|Race:  Werewolf||Data:|Headstrong and merciless in combat, Nicholas is the youngest and most viciously wild member of the Wulfpack. Vladamir has earned his respect, therefore Nicholas only takes orders from him. Those who witness his fierce rage in the heat of battle are left traumatized by the emotional ordeal. Rest in beast...||"

Thanks to all of those that made the creation of this skin possible.

Email:[email protected]

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