She's an Emerald and Gold armored red-head.


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She's an Emerald and Gold armored red-head.

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  Nikki Skin - Unreal Tournament 2003


Release Date: January 25th 2003

Author: Jerome 'Loric' Diard


Version: 1.1

Number of Body Skins: 1
Team Colors Support : Yes
Number of Faces     : 1

Made from my custom skin Leena.


V1.1 : High-res version with full Team color support.

V1.0 : Light (< 2Mb) Low-res version. No Team color support

This archive has sub-directory information, just unzip it into the main UT2003 folder.
This file and the .jpg will go into UT2003/Help
The .upl will go into UT2003/System
The .utx will go into UT2003/Textures

Copy/paste the line below at the end of file with a text editor:

Nikki=&quot;Name:  Nikki|Age:   25|Race:  Human|         ||Data:| Nikki is the second heir to the crown of Jinalea, the forest city. | She wears the gold of her rank with royal pride and fights with the Dames' class.&quot;

This archive can be distributed freely, without any alteration whatsoever.
The author reserves any right to edit further versions of this skin.
Any commercial use of this archive is prohibited.
Authors may NOT use this skin as a base to build skins without explicit permission of the author.

Please visit my UT2003 page at :

Drop me a mail at :

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