"The character is some sort of robot , covered in sleek black armor , with patches of rust scarring its cool metal exterior". Oscar Is a...


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"The character is some sort of robot , covered in sleek black armor , with patches of rust scarring its cool metal exterior". Oscar Is a lean machine , with exception to his extremely massive head , and sports a long neck protruding forward from his shoulders , giving him a unique , slouched posture. The skin itself is a work of art , detailed with a variety of different mechanical segments , and shows a sharp attention to detail , from the patches of rust dotting the torso , to the exposed brain , every line and every shadow on this model is executed with skill and a consistent style.The author mostly sticks to darker drab colors , such as grey and black , but the effect is greater than the sum of the color scheme. To top it all off this model even boasts custom animations , something lacking in the onslaught of new models that this site has seen recently. You can tell the author had a plan in his head when he created this model , and from the looks of it , I'd say he achieved it.

I have only 3 complaints about this model. First off : There are no team skins.Scince the majority of the gametypes in UT2K3 are team oriented , this is a major shame.(come on modellers/skinners , we can't depend on those two shoulder lights forever) Secondly: There is a clipping problem between his gun and his head whenever he walks or runs , It is a very large area being clipped , but most of the time you're not close enough for it to really bother you. Finally: With the unique position of the head and neck , It can be hard as hell to get a headshot on this guy from the back . This may or may not be a bad thing , depending on how you look at it though.

The bottom line is that this is a different , unique brand of robot model , that is a tad on the bizzarre side . It could benefit from some altered animations , to prevent it from clipping so much , and a set of CTF skins , but is still a worthwhile addition to anyone's roster. This one is , at the very least , more interesting than the stock robot models.


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Author: Warbeast
Realname: Soenke c. Seidel
First Spawned: 02.10.1983
Occupation: Leveldesigner 2d/3d Artist
Current Location. Braunschweig Germany
Spoken Languages: German English French.
Contact: [email protected][removethisifnospam]nuclearvision.de

website: http://warbeast.00network.org

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