A new benchmarking program that claims to have a more realistic system then the one produced by ardOCP. This one focuses on everyday use...


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A new benchmarking program that claims to have a more realistic system then the one produced by [H]ardOCP. This one focuses on everyday use under a broader range of configurations.

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Readme True Gaming Performance Benchmark v0.9
Being inspired by [H]ard|OCP creation of UT2k3 Benchmarking Utility I've started
thinking about way how to quickly check computer performance in UT2003 but with
wider range of possibilities than provided by standard Benchmark.exe.

[H]ard|OCP approach is good for deep results analysis but not for everyday use.
Reality shows that benchmarks with simple one or two nuber output are the most
succesfull even if not fully accurate. The next problem is that [H]ard|OCP
settings are strictly synthetic because of using above standard maximum and
minimum values (TexBias/LOD manipulation) and also missing the most important
thing - optimized medium IQ/FPS setting for testing of typically used

I think that standard Benchmark.exe IS satisfactory for quick check of a
computer performance or to test some entry influence. The problem is that it
always runs only in highest settings which are hard to reach to be modified. So
I have created bunch of batch files together with customized configuration files
for user friendly use (package must be extracted into game folder):

MaxDetailBenchmark.bat - slightly modified default Benchmark.exe will be

TrueGamingPerformanceBenchmark.bat - the most important part of this package!
                                     benchmark with tweaked settings for optimal
                                     gameplay (as used by me) will be executed

MySettingsBenchmark.bat - allows you to run Benchmark.exe with settings
                          currently configured in game (your own UT2003.ini and
                          User.ini) so you can compare it with max/medium/min
                          results, ideal for testing individual .ini entries

MinDetailBenchmark.bat - executes benchmark with minimal possible settings
                         (slightly modified MinDetail.ini and MinDetailUser.ini)

ATiTruFormMaxDetailBenchmark.bat - special benchmark for ATi R8500, same as
                                   MaxDetailBenchmark.bat but with UseNPatches
                                   enabled and maximum TesselationFactor (4)

ATiIQTrueGamingPerformanceBenchmark.bat - benchmark for ATi R8500, same as
                                          TrueGamingPerformanceBenchmark.bat but
                                          with UseNPatches enabled and
                                          TesselationFactor 1, Trilinear
                                          Filtering also used instead of
                                          Bilinear (in reality, this is full
                                          setting I use)

note: all predefined benchmarks run in 32-bit with Tripple Buffering and Field
      of view 90 degrees (FOV 90)

For reverting settings of Benchmark.exe to default in case that something goes
wrong during benchmarking through above mentioned batch files please use
!BenchmarkRestore!.bat that ensure proper execution of Benchmark.exe if that
is started directly.
(c)2002 (          author: Lovok ([email protected])

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