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This mutator spawns all the pickups in the game in random places. After they get picked up, new ones are spawned in new random places. There...


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This mutator spawns all the pickups in the game in random places. After they get picked up, new ones are spawned in new random places. There is also a configuration menu so you can adjust some aspects of the mutator. NOTE: Please completely read the README file before using this mutator!

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Download 'randitemplacement2_0.zip' (23KB)

Random Item Placement v2.1
Mutator for UT2003
Created by Mysterial (mysterial@comcast.net)

Changes from v2.0
-Fixed a bug that was causing the "Initial Rand Only" mode to not spawn pickups that weren't attached to a PickupBase (like all ammo).
-Fixed another "Accessed None" bug.
-Added an option to give a percent chance for items exploding and causing damage to nearby players.
-Added options to configure the size and damage of the item explosion, if enabled.
-The default Respawn Time has been increased to 0.3 seconds to reduce processing time.
-Added Cancel and Restore Defaults buttons to the config menu.

Changes from v1.3
-Changed Max Items option to Max Items Percentage. Its value now expresses the max # of items allowed in the level in terms of a percentage of the original level's item count.
-Fixed a WildcardBase processing bug (it was being counted as multiple items).
-Option to only do an initial randomization at the start and then let the items respawn normally from their new locations. If this option is used, weapons/powerups will even have PickupBases!
-The option Destroy Old Items is now Item Lifetime. Any number > 1 determines the time items stay on the map in seconds, while 0 triggers the old "don't destroy the old, add yet more!" behavior.
-The config menu will now correct invalid input in the text boxes.
-The config menu now has context-sensitive help.

Changes from v1.2
-Bots are now far more likely to pick up items they pass by, especially powerups.
-Added config option to change how far out bots search for items.
-Fixed the bug causing the "Accessed None" warnings in the log.
-Minimized the chances of two pickups spawning on top of each other.

Changes from v1.1
-WildcardBase is now processed properly
-Option to remove old items from level instead of raising the limit and spawning yet more
-Items removed from the level have a cool reverse spawn effect
-Items will be removed (or the max # of items increased) after the level has been at the max # of items for 5 straight seconds (was 10)
-Fixed two HUGE bugs that were causing the mutator to spawn multiple copies of the same item at once, and other times no items at all when it should have spawned one

Changes from v1.0
-Added spawn effect
-Added option to only spawn items in places where items were in the original level
-Added more stuff to the readme

This mutator spawns all the pickups in the game in random places. After they get picked up, new ones are spawned in new random places.

To install, simply extract the .zip into your UT2003\System folder. I would make a .UMOD, but if that's working yet I didn't figure it out. Maybe the UDE is supposed to have it. That doesn't work for me either. :(

As of version 2.0, the clients must have the mutator for it to work properly. Therefore, if you want to set up a server with this mutator, make sure to add ServerPackages=RandItemPlacement to the appropriate section of your UT2003.ini, and also remember to run "ucc mastermd5" in your UT2003\System folder.

This mutator has a configuration menu. The options you can change are:
-Initial Rand. Only: If checked, the items are only randomized at the start of the level, and as they are picked up, will respawn in the same locations the normal amount of time later. Weapons will even get PickupBases just like in a normal level too! :)
-Bot Search Radius: When searching for items, bots will search this many units in all directions for the best item. 0 will turn off this special bot AI. Too high is actually worse than too low, as it will cause all the bots to gravitate towards a faraway pickup (usually a superweapon) that they have no chance of getting to before somebody else. Values between 1500 and 3000 are generally best. Also keep in mind that larger values use more processing.
-Use Gravity: if checked, items will fall to the ground from where they were spawned. NOTE: If you check this option, pickups will NOT rotate! This is because rotation and falling are both physics settings and only one can be active at a time. Default is unchecked.
-Max Items Percent: the maximum number of items that can be on a level at once, expressed as a percentage of the original level's item count. For example, setting this to 110 will make the max # of items 110% (1.1x) the amount of items that were on the level originally.
-Weapon Chance: the percent chance that any given pickup will be a weapon. This is so you don't get unlucky and have levels filled with ammo and nothing to shoot it with. The default of 40 generally gives a good distribution.
-Respawn Time: a new item will be respawned every this many seconds, unless the max # of items is already in the level. Default is 0.2; don't set it too much lower or your processor will pay for it.
-Inv. Spots Only: if checked, items will only spawn in places where items were in the original level.
-Item Lifetime: Items stay on the map for this many seconds before they are destroyed. If 0, items will not be destroyed, and instead the Max # of items allowed will be increased every time 5 seconds goes by without an item being picked up.
-Item Explode Chance: Percentage chance that items, instead of doing the harmless particle un-spawning effect, will instead explode painfully and damage any player about to pick it up.
If Item Explode Chance is > 0, you will be able to click Configure Explosion to access the following extra options:
-Radius: Explosion radius (in Unreal units). The shock combo is 275, if you need a reference.
-Damage: The amount of damage done to somebody at the center of the explosion.
-Momentum: The force the explosion has. Mostly useful for Karma purposes when an explosion kills someone.
-Effect Detail: Higher numbers result in "fuller" explosions. Note that increasing this will rapidly increase the CPU power needed for the explosions, so it's best to balance it with regards to Item Lifetime and Item Explode Chance.

-Place all other mutators above this one in the mutator list, so they have a chance to replace or modify the pickups before they get processed by the random generator. As long as you do this, anything that adds, removes, or changes pickups should be compatible with this mutator.
-Sometimes an overabundance of powerups (UDamage, super shield, etc) are spawned. I have compensated by tripling the chance of the health vials and adrenaline pills, as well as halving the chance of those powerups, but it still does happen sometimes, especially on small levels. I'll work on it :)
-On levels with lots of weird places to put stuff (e.g. Phobos), the bots won't do as well, because they will have a hard time finding a good path to the items.
-Bots will 'see' items through walls. Sorry, but doing a Line of Sight check to the potentially high number of pickups near to the bot in any one cycle would take way too much processing power.
-If Item Lifetime is enabled (greater than 0), the items spawned at the beginning of the match will be given random lifetimes so that there's no mass item removal/spawning during the game. Items spawned after that will have exactly the lifetime you selected.
-Even if Weapon Stay is on, weapons will not actually stay. THIS IS NOT A BUG. This was done intentionally to prevent the level from filling up with weapons.
-If Weapon Stay is on, you will only be able to collect a weapon once. You will pass through any further pickups of the same weapon if you already have it. This was an uninintentional, but convenient side effect, as it prevents areas from being sucked dry of weapons too quickly. IT IS NOT A BUG. If you don't like this behavior, turn Weapon Stay off.
-PickupBases will still be visible to clients in netplay, even though I've set them to hidden. This is because xPickupBase is not replicated. If it annoys you, complain to Epic. I cannot change it.

Thanks to Sun Dog from the UT2003HQ forums for coming up with the exploding items idea.

If you want to know how to do some of the fancy things (like context-sensitive help) that this mutator's config menu does, you can get the source either by opening up the RandItemPlacement package in UnrealEd or pointing your browser at http://www.error691.com/mysterial/UTMods.htm and downloading it.

If people like this mutator, I will continue working on it to make it better and have more options. So if you like it please send an email telling me so, as well as any suggestions you may have. My email is at the top of this file.

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