Relic's Keep



Ahh, there's nothing like waking up to a nice match of Bombing Run...

I have to admit, I like the style of this map. Simple, yet at the same time extravagant. It plays great, even on my mid-spec system with Media Player 11, Firefox, and several instant messenger apps running in the background, and the gameflow is quick and constant. Navigation is easy to pick up - there's enough routes to run down, but not too many, so you won't get lost.

The more fun aspect is the sheer amount of routes to travel down. In a match with only a few players on each team, it's like playing Whack-A-Mole, you have to hit the right entrance at the right spot, or you'll miss them. The goals aren't that easy to fire the ball through if you're bad on the shot, so it may pay to get some practice in.

Overall, a nice map, with some nice closed areas, some nice open areas, and good weapon distribution and layout. One for the collection if you play Bombing Run.

For you UT2004 players, it does work in UT2004, however you may have a few minor issues.

~ Kouen



BR-RelicsKeep[v2_5] - by Joe (Relic) Unik



A stormy night .. in a creepy castle keep .. perfect setting for some 


This is my first map release for UT2003. Features 3 routes to enemy goal..
2 courtyards..and some hidden goodies :)

Optimized for great game play on most PC's


Build Time: 	Approx. 2 months

Players:	4-12


Usage:		Place these files in the following directories and enjoy!

		.ut2 -> ut2003/Maps
		.usx -> ut2003/Staticmeshes
		.utx -> ut2003/Textures


Legal Stuff:

Feel free to distribute this map anyway you wish, except for profit.
All that I ask is that this original distribution is left intact in full.


Enjoy!....Relic (aka Joe Unik)

CONTACT : [email protected]
WEBSITE : www.relicsut.com



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