Relics 2k3-v307

Drops relics arounf the map for powerups.


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Drops relics arounf the map for powerups.

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Relics BETA v307.14.0103

The following files are included with or are created by this mutator. All of these files are located in your UnrealTournament2003 System folder, the same folder where ut2003.exe is located.


Detailed information and instructions on how to install and use Relics can be found at my website listed below. If you have any questions or comments not explained at the website you may contact me as a last resort and I will try my best to assist you.

=== General Notes ===

This is a beta version. There are some bugs to be fixed and many improvements to be made. I am looking for a 2D artist to create easy to identify icons to place on the Relics instead of the little screenshots I have now. I would even prefer a 3D modeller to make skinned 3D models for each Relic like Unreal Tournament 1 had. Unfortunately I have not been able to find either so right now I am using temporary models with little screenshots on them. I know this is not the best setup but it was the best I could do in the time I had.

Also note that in order to drop Relics that you pick up you must bind a key. If you wanted to bind it to the 'Z' key you would adjust your user.ini to read as follows.

Z=mutate DropRelic

Naturally you may replace 'Z' with any key you wish to use.

=== Known Bugs ===

-The Strength Relic should display the purple overlay for as long as the user holds fire or alt-fire. Due to a small bug in the games code this effect turns off after only a split second.

-The Defense Relic should display the green overlay for as long as you are getting hurt. Due to the same bug this also turns off after a split second. I have notified Epic of this bug and my understanding is that it will be fixed with the next game patch.

-The damage and effects of the Relic of Vengence was recently changed and may not be in sync. When killed by this Relic it also counts as a suicide when it should count as a kill for whoever dropped the Relic. I will be fixing this bug and improving the effect with the next version.

=== Programmer Notes ===

To save file space and avoid certain issues I have removed the source code from the mutator. This source is still available on my website for anyone who wants to view or reference it. I will also be adding several tutorials which explain how to create and use your own custom Relics. Please visit the website for more information.

=== Server Administrators Notes ===

In order for Relics to work in online games you must add Relics2k3 to the ServerPackages list (ServerPackages=Relics2k3). Although I am currently working on Web Admin support it is NOT currently supported. I apologize for the inconvenience but you will have to use the in-game GUI or manually edit your Relics2k3.ini file in order to adjust the settings. Here is a list of settings and valid values for them if you wish to manually edit the file.

RelicCount: This is the amount of Relics to be in-game at any one moment. The default is 6.

RespawnDelay: This is the amount of seconds a Relic will wait without being touched before teleporting to a new location. The default is 15 seconds.

RandomizeStyle: If you have more Relics enabled than the RelicCount permits in-game at a time, this controls when the in-game Relics will change. A value of 0 will randomize Relics every map, a value of 1 will randomize Relics every time a team scores (for use in BR or CTF, NOT recommended for TDM) and a value of 2 will randomize the Relics each time they teleport due to not being touched for the amount of time indicated in RespawnDelay. Default value is 0.

SelectedList: This is the array of Relics that the mutator is allowed to spawn. Please note that each entry counts as one Relic so if you wish to use 3 of the same Relic you must add that Relic to the list 3 times. For example if you wanted a match with two Speed Relics and two Death Relics you would edit the SelectedList entries to read as follows.


As you can see the Speed Relic is listed twice which allows two Speed Relics to be in-game at a time, the same for the Death Relic. You may add as many Relics as you want and you may add as many copies of each Relic as you want (don't forget that RelicCount will restrict how many of the selected Relics are in-game at any one moment). Please be reasonable however. Like any other model or script each Relic (that is in-game) uses a certain amount of resources and this can cause performance problems if you have too many. The exact amount will vary greatly so you will have to experiment. Here is a list of all Relics included with this mutator.


Scott 'Silencer' Fredrick

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