RemoteStrike V5

Ok, this is basically todays weapons brought to ut2k3.... if you like to kick ass original style, then give it a shot! :)

I had a few pro...


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Ok, this is basically todays weapons brought to ut2k3.... if you like to kick ass original style, then give it a shot! :)

I had a few problems but may not be like this for all!


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=						=
=	Author : Romanov aka Mark Beaumont	=
=	Version : v5				=
=	Date : 01/09/2003			=
=	Mutator: Remote Strike Weapon mod v5	=
=	All Rights reserved			=

// ---------------------------------------------------------------
// 1 -- Installation
// ---------------------------------------------------------------

 Installation for Remote Strike is very straight forward. 

If you are using the default location for ut2003 (c:\ut2003), just copy the folder named "ut2003" 
from this package and paste this onto your c:drive , you will get a message prompting you to 
overwrite, click "yes" nothing will be overwritten at all (apart from folder names) this will just add these new packages 
to the relevant folders. Alternativley copy and paste the contents of the folders in my "ut2003" 
folder to their releavant folders in your ut2003 directory.

or place the files like this...


and thats it blast away!

// ----------------------------------
// 1.1 PLAYING
// ----------------------------------

Use switch arsenal (included) to add the weapons as you want 
Use the Remote Strike Weapons in the mutator settings in UT2003

N.B Remember to assign the RELOAD KEY IN SETTINGS IN UT2003
goto settings and scroll down to the "Remote strike" area and assign a key

Crouching - The sniper rifle is all but inaccurate unless you are crouching to
stop it becoming an uber weapon

// ---------------------------------------------------------------
// 2 -- Servers
// ---------------------------------------------------------------

 When running Remote Strike on a server, it must be remembered that a
 ServerPackages=Remote_strike must be added into the appropriate section of your
 server's INI file for the mutator to function properly.

 To start a server from the command line, using this mutator, the command would
 look like:
	ucc server DM-Gael?Game=XGame.xDeathMatch?Mutator=Remote_strike.MutremoteMain

// 3 -- Weapons 

Bofors 10mm Light submg
A light sub machine gun with a lethal firepower!
Primary    : Rapid firing machine gun
Alt fire   : Sub sonic rounds making the weapon nearly silenced 

Gauss Heavy Hunting Rifle
Slow firing 3 shot weapon with an enormous punch and a sharp edge :)
Primary fire : 3 heavy hunting rounds 1 shot 1 kill
Alt Fire     : BAYONET, get in range and let em have it! 

MG3 Heavy Machine Gun
Thing MG42 or just fasy firing heavy machine gun!
Primary    :  Fats firing heavy support fire mode
Alt Fire   : Slower firing Incendiary rounds

LR2 Heavy Sniper Rifle
5 shot clip with zoom think of a BArrat!
NOTE: you must crouch to have any accuracy with this one!
Primary : Unzoomed fire 
Alt Fire : Zoomed in 

15mm Caseless pistol 
Fast firing semi auto pistol
Primary : Medium paced accurate fire
Alt Fire: Fire as fast you can press fire more costly on ammo though

Defender 500 Black shotgun
Large blast bad ass damage
Primary: Std shotgun pellets
Alt Fire: TORCH to see in the dark :)

Defender 500 Camo shotgun
Primary : Standard 9 pellet blast
Alt Fire : 20 pellets to each blast wide area of damage but costly on ammo


Realistic projectile (bullet) based weapons
Fully customised animated weapons 
Proper recoil
Fire and alt fire modes
Different damage levels for modes of fire
Magazine Reloading (proper GUI key in settings)
Custom hit effects
Shell ejection 1st and third person
Custom muzzle flashes
Silenced fire (on submg)
Tailored ammunition for each weapon
Custom Ammo Pickup meshes
Mixture of semi suto and full auto weapons
Accuray differences when standing/crouching etc

and alot more :)

// Notes and changes

Major changes:

NO SELF DAMAGE caused by your own weapons being fired too close to you 
{{NOTE: Please note that due to the increased damage radius you must score direct hits on your
taget to cause damage there is no more area damage caused by close hits on the 
ground for example, this does woek well as you will find you need to control your recoil more
in order to kill your opponent - ie its harder to get kills now }}

RECOIL: The recoil has been adjusted on all weapons to reflect whether corouching or not, 
if the firer is crouching the weapons is better controlled and therefore recoil is less , if the firer
is standing walking or running then the recoil is much higher due to a less stable firing position. 

Other changes/fixes: 

done - shotgun range reduced (15 metres wider spread) 
done - flak monkey announcer taken out 
done - pistol ammo mesh added 
done - shotgun ammo mesh for camo defender added 
done - shotgun spread increased in general 
done - tweaked sound and anims for shotguns 
done - mutator starts with 15mm Pistol and Bofors Light 10mm submg by default 
done - weapon icons in better order small to large 
done - credits 
done - 15mm select anim adjusted 
under review - (not sure whether to change it)LR2 sniper rifle/longrifle sound changed 
done - replace ion and redeemer with a remote strike weapon for the remote strike mutator
done - change replaced weapons in main mutator e.g shotguns to replace flak cannon etc
done - Gauss Rifle now has 20 round capacity 
done - Gauus bullets travel faster.
done - Gauss recoil tweaked due to much more powerful weapon  
done - max range of bullets for all weapons

// Credits

Mr Evil - For the mutator code, reloading tutorial and various other bits of code help 
without which would have meant the mod would not have been done at all.

Nexus One - For the great skins on the weapons which again helped the mutator have 
alot more proffessional look to it and also for building the excellent looking 

Toonces - For the excellent map CTF-Denali Pass which was built specifically for the Remote 
Strike weapons and really adds alot to the whole mod.

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