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An interesting twist on the game of tag. No one is 'it' until the first person frags somebody. Then only the person who is 'it' gets the...


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An interesting twist on the game of tag. No one is 'it' until the first person frags somebody. Then only the person who is 'it' gets their frags counted towards their score. You must kill the person who is 'it' to make your frags count. This is the mutator version.

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-- Reverse Tag                                 --
-- Version 1.0                                 --
-- By: Who_Cares                               --
-- Website: --
-- Contacts:                                   --
-- E-Mail:   [email protected]           --
--                     or                      --
--           [email protected]             --
-- AOL Instant Messenger: Renagade XL          --
-- MSN Messenger: [email protected]      --
-- ICQ Number: 193163234                       --
-- IRC: You can reach me on   --
--      with the nickname Who_Cares.           --
--                                             --
-- Any translations of this Readme or bug      --
-- reports would be greatly appreciated, and   --
-- contributers WILL be thanked in the readme. --

- Info:
  Reverse Tag is a gametype I made, inspired by Juggernaut from the game Halo. It
  is actually my first ever made script in Unreal Tournament 2003(or anything running
  on the Unreal engine, for that matter).

- Installation:
  Simply put the files ReverseTag.u and from the zip file into your UT2k3

- Gameplay:
  Reverse Tag is a very simple gametype to get used to, and is extremely fun. The
  following is a few steps that show you how to play Reverse Tag:

  1. When the game starts, no one is 'it'. There can be many times that there is no one
     that is 'it' in a single game. Whenever this happens, the next person to kill is

  2. The person who is 'it' is the only person thats gets their frags counted on the

  3. The only way to become 'it' while someone is 'it' is by killing the person that is it.

  4. The person to get to the frag limit before anyone else is the winner.

- FAQ:
  1. Q: Why is it so hard to kill the person that's it? I can never kill them!
     A: It shouldn't be too hard unless your difficulty is higher than it should be, but
        there another other thing that is better for the person that is 'it'. When the
        person that is 'it' has less than 100 health, it reacharges slowly. This, however,
        is balanced, since the person that is 'it' loses health when it's over 100 at the
        same spead that it recharges. 

  2. Q: Why does my crosshair go away when I become 'it'?
     A: When you are it, to make it harder for you, the person that is 'it' has their HUD
     disabled. Making it harder to AIM, however this is balanced by the double damage
     recieved when you are 'it'.

- Thanks to:
  - You for downloading Reverse Tag!
  - Epic and Digital Extremes for a great game and an awesome modding environment.

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