RoAR UT2k3 Assault

RoAR UT2k3 Assault is a port of UT's game mode Assalt to UT2003. The have finally released v1.0 of their mod, which has the Assualt gametyp...


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File Description

RoAR UT2k3 Assault is a port of UT's game mode Assalt to UT2003. The have finally released v1.0 of their mod, which has the Assualt gametype, several mutators, and 12 maps included.

The features as listed on RoAR's homepage:

-Assault gametype for ut2k3

Full bot support Maps reseting without reloading after first part

-12 maps:

ASR-Frigate ASR-Rook ASR-IceFieldz ASR-Bengtskar ASR-AloriaCavern ASR-DDay ASR-Complex ASR-Rise ASR-GrandCanyon ASR-AtzMazon ASR-An00bis ASR-Highbomb

-Cool mutators:

Mininstagib (minigun and instagib in one) Strangelove (simple SL fly on the redeemer) Assault Invasion (turns AS into coop). Keep Shieldgun (used with IG to keep the Shieldgun) and others...

-Hours of fun.

Go and download this mod, as I feel its one of the more fun ones, and has some real quality maps.

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Download '' (85.22MB)

UT2k3 Assault for Unreal Tournament 2003
1.0 Release - December 5, 2003
(c) 2003 Realm of Assault Resurrection Team

 - Unreal Tournament 2003 Retail or Dedicated Server Version
 - Unreal Tournament 2003 Build 2225 Patch 
    Available from:
 - Unreal Tournament 2003 Epic Bonus Pack. 

UT2MOD file installation:
 1. Download the Ut2k3 Assault UT2MOD release file from the RoAR web site if you
     haven't already done so.

 2. Double-click the downloaded ut2k3Assault.ut2mod file.
     * If this does not work, you will need to run the install process manually
        using the command: setup install ut2k3Assault.ut2mod 

 3. Follow the instructions in the UT2003 Installer and exit the install dialog
     once the files have finished copying.

Zip file installation:
  Extract all into ut2003 folder
  or copy the 
    .ut2 files into UT2003/Maps folder
    .usx files into UT2003/StaticMeshes folder
    .utx files into UT2003/Textures folder
    .u   files into UT2003/System folder
    .int files in UT2003/System folder
    .txt files in UT2003/Help folder

Single-Player Assault using the "Instant Action" menu command:
 1. After installation, start Unreal Tournament 2003.

 2. Choose "Instant Action" from the Main Menu.

 3. Choose "Assault_RoAR" in the game type drop-down list.

 4. A list of Assault maps will appear in the map list. Choose the map that you
     want to play in single-player. (e.g. ASR-Frigate)

 5. Select a Bot Skill Level and the number of additional bots you want to play
     in the match.

 6. Choose mutators and the maps you want to play if applicable.

 7. Click the "Play" button to join the action, or the "Spectate" button to
     watch and learn from the bots.

Playing Online:
 1. Choose "Play Online/LAN"

 2. Click the "Custom" tab.

 3. Select "Assault_RoAR" from the "Game Type" drop-down list to find Assault

 4. Select the server and click the "Join" or "Spectate" buttons depending on
     whether you want to join or just watch the action.

 Thank-you for your interest in the RoAR team's Assault mod for UT 2003!

 Your feedback is important! Please join our forum and participate if you
encounter problems or have any suggestions.

 New mappers are always welcome, so feel free to visit our web site to learn
more about designing assault maps. If you have designed a high-quality assault
map, let us know and we will arrange to have it included in the final release.

The origin of Assault:
 Assault was a game type that shipped with the original Unreal Tournament. It
was not included with Unreal Tournament 2003, and other game modes were put in
it's place (e.g. Bombing Run, Double-domination). A group of avid UT Assault
players, coders and mappers joined together to form the RoAR team in order to
add this game mode to UT2003 along with assault-specific maps (some of them
based on the original UT Assault levels).

Game Description:
 Assault is a team game where players are divided into two teams: "Attackers"
and "Defenders".

 The goal of the attacking team is accomplish the objectives on the level, while
the defenders try to prevent them by guarding the objectives.

 Attackers and Defenders spawn in two separate areas, and when an attacker or
defender is killed, they respawn back at their spawn area. If the game is "Last
Man Assault" rather than the standard Assault, both sides get only a limited
number of lives, and then the player cannot respawn and help their team any

 There are several objective types. Some only need to be touched quickly, some
need to be destroyed by shooting at them, and sometimes an attacker needs to
stand near an objective to hold it for a specific length of time.

 Once the final objective has been captured, the attackers and defenders switch
places and replay the same map... The defenders who are now attacking must now
complete their objectives quicker than the attackers in the first part in order
to win the match.

Additional Gameplay details:
 Some objectives are optional, but may give the attackers a strategic advantage
if they capture the objective because new doors may be opened, or the attacker
spawn zone may be moved closer to the goal making it easier for the attackers to
get to the objective.

 On larger maps, attacker and defender spawn zones may advance as the objectives
get taken. This keeps the game interesting, as players do not have to spend all
their time walking to get to the objectives.

 In some cases, a map designer will provide alternate routes to capture
objectives other than just a main pathway. Attackers can sometimes quickly
complete a level by using their rockets or shield guns to jump into places that
are normally out of reach. This is called launching, and it adds an entirely
different spin on normal assault gameplay, because other goals besides the next
immediate objective can be captured and may need to be defended as well. The
"RoAR Boost and Damage Control" mutator makes it so the shield gun can be used
to launch other players and gives additional momentum to players who are

 Map designers will typically add support for Bots so they can navigate the
level and complete/defend the objectives. Spectating the bots is a good way to
learn how to play the level.

 Jump Boots are sometimes placed on the map to make it for easier for attackers
or defenders to get around in the level. The boots normally give the player
three jumps of extended height. The "RoAR AntiGrav Boots Arena" mutator makes
it so players get their own pair of boots that last the whole level. This adds
a challenge when chasing and shooting at other players.

 Autocannons are occasionally added to levels. The cannon can be configured by
the map designer to attack both teams, attackers only or defenders only.
Autocannons are typically used to prevent players from going where they don't
belong (e.g. in the spawn zone of the opposing team, or to assist the defenders
with their defense. In some cases, autocannons can be destroyed.

 The Spycam is a modified translocator with no teleport capabilities. You switch
to it and fire it in the same way you fire grenades with the assault rifle,
holding down primary fire for longer for greater distance. Press Alternate fire
to see the view from the Spycam beacon. Press Alternate fire again to return to
your normal view.

 * You can only have one spycam tossed at any given time. Pressing primary fire
    will recall the spycam beacon, allowing you to fire another one. Each player
    only gets 5 spycams, and each one only lasts for 30 seconds, so use them
    wisely. The farther you get from the spycam target, the more the view from
    the spycam beacon will degrade.

Control Configuration (BINDS):
 In assault, certain commands can be very useful. These can be configured in the
game "Settings" window, under "Controls". Scroll down to the Assault section and
you can set some key bindings useful for Assault there:

Mission Briefing (Suggested key is F12)
 - This function shows a screenshot of all objectives in the level, a
    description of how to capture the objective, their names and whether they it
    has been captured yet or not.

Path to Red Base (Suggested key is M)
 - This command shows the route to the next objective being defended by the Red

Path to Blue Base (Suggested key is N)
 - This command shows the route to the next objective being defended by the
    Blue team.

Tactical Suicide (Suggested key is either X or the * key on the Numeric Keypad)
 - This key can be used to kill yourself so you can respawn in your team spawn
    zone with 100 health. It is useful if you are getting low on health, or if
    the spawn points advance and you are far behind the other players.

    * Don't choose a key too close to your standard movement / firing keys. 

* UT 2003 Build 2199 has a bug that prevents the custom key binding from
   showing up under certain conditions. You can manually set these keybinds by
   pressing the tilde key (~) and typing the following commands:

   set input F12 showobjectives
   set input M BasePath 0
   set input N BasePath 1
   set input X Suicide

- In the speech tab, you can bind keys to the orders, in order to order bots to
   perform a specific function. When attacking, bots will tend to cover you and
   you may want them to just go ahead and attack rather than waiting around for

- Also, Other speech can be useful to your human teammates during an assault
   game (e.g. Incoming, Roger, Need Backup).

Assault User Interface:
 While playing, there are several visual elements that indicate important
  information about the state of the game. These can be enabled or disabled via
  the "Map Objectives" panel.

- The icon in the top-left of the screen shows a "Shield" if you are defending 
   and "Swords" if you are attacking.

- The icon in the top-center of the screen shows a "Hand" if you only need to
   touch the current objective, a "Clock" if you need to hold the objective for
   a few seconds or a Bomb if you have to destroy the current objective.

- The Dot-Radar display in the top-center indicates the approximate direction
   you need to go to get to the next objective.

- The clock to the lower right shows you the remaining time for the level.

- A rotating red circle is overlaid over the location of the objective. This
   indicates where you need to aim towards to touch or destroy the current

- When you are close to any of the level objectives, a green triangle appears,
   pointing to the objective. A text label will also indicate its name and tell
   you how to disable it. ( [TI]=Timed, [TO]=Touch, [S]=Shoot )

- Pressing F1 to view the scores will show you which team is attacking and
   defending, and whether the current level is on the 1st of 2nd half.

- After configuring the assault controls, pressing F12 will display the Mission
   Briefing. You can click the various objectives to get information about each
   one. You can also uncheck the checkboxes to turn off assault heads-up display
   items you do not want to see.

- If you hate the objectives' beacons, type 'ToggleASBeacons' in the console.

Starting your own server:
 For a private game among friends, use the "Host Multiplayer Game" menu
command, and choose "Assault" in the Game Type drop-down list. This is very
similar to starting a single-player game, except that there's another page for
giving your server a name and choosing a few server-specific options.

Here are some steps to set up more a permanent server:

1. Locate the "RunServer.bat" file in your UnrealTournament 2003\System folder.
    (e.g. C:\Program Files\UT2003\System\RunServer.bat)

2. Right-click this file and select "Edit" from the context menu. It should load
    a notepad window with a few lines.

3. You will notice the line:
    ucc server %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 -log=server.log

   Change it to ONE of the following sample lines:

    rem Start AS-Frigate with the standard settings.
    ucc server AS-Frigate.ut2?Game=RoARAssault.xAssault -log=server.log

    rem Start AS-Rook playing with the instigib minigun mutator.
    ucc server AS-Rook.ut2?Game=RoARAssault.xAssault?mutator=RoARAssault.MutRoAR_InstaMini -log=server.log

    rem Start AS-IceFieldz playing with two extreme movement and launching mutators.
    ucc server AS-IceFieldz.ut2?Game=RoARAssault.xAssault?mutator=RoARAssault.MutRoAR_Melee,RoARAssault.MutDamageControl_RoAR -log=server.log

4. Save your changes and double-click the RunServer.bat file to start the
    dedicated server. If you were to start UT, your server should now be listed
    in the LAN games list.

5. You may need to reconfigure your firewall to open UDP ports 7777 to 7782 so
    they can be accessed from the internet.

 The following list shows the various mutators and the mutator "class" used to
include it in a multiplayer game started from the command-line.

RoARAssault.MutDamageControl_RoAR - RoAR Boost and Damage Control
- Increases the momentum transferred from weapon impacts, useful for launching
   your teammates and for throwing your opponents out of the way.

RoARAssault.MutJumpArena_RoAR - RoAR AntiGrav Boots Arena
- Gives all players jump boots so everyone can jump all over the place.

RoARAssault.MutRoAR_InstaMini - RoAR Instagib Minigun
- A very powerful gun that gives everyone a minigun that fires instagib beams.

RoARAssault.MutRoAR_Melee - RoAR Melee Assault
- Player Movement becomes enhanced... but the player has to fight with the
   impact hammer / shield gun. (NO bot support)

Settings for Advanced Users:
 In the UnrealTournamet 2003\System folder, you can edit the USER.INI and
UT2003.INI files in order to customize elements of assault. Exit
UnrealTournament if it is currently running before editing these files. Here are
some files and settings of note:

=== User.INI file ===
In the [Engine.Input] section:

- Choose one of your free Aliases[#] sections and set it to the following line,
   substituting the number in place of the # symbol:

Aliases[#]=(Command="Button bFire | Fire | OnRelease Jump | Axis aUp Speed=+300.0",Alias="HammerJump")

- Choose a button you want to set to your hammer launch keybind to
   (e.g. MiddleMouse) and find the line and set it to read:

   Middlemouse=switchweapon 1 | hammerjump

- Now you can hold the button down, and if you aim downward and release it, you
   will hammer launch yourself.

- You can choose other buttons to assign some of the other functions that can
   also be set in the GUI key binding page:

   M=BasePath 0
   N=BasePath 1

 In the [RoARAssault.HudBAssault] section the following options are available to
configure some of the HUD display elements:


 The [RoARAssault.MapListAssault] section lists the map that a multiplayer
server will run in sequence:


=== UT2003.INI file ===
In the [Engine.GameEngine] section:

- If you are planning to host your own Assault server, a line must exist in this


Other generic settings useful for UT multiplayer:


* Setting the difficulty makes the bots a bit more challenging. If you do not
   have a good quality internet connection, you may not want to allow too many
   players to connect to your system at once.


* These settings should be True in order to automatically attempt to set the
   teams fairly.


* Setting the waiting time to 0 speeds things along and keeps players from
   getting bored while waiting for the round to start / advance.


* These settings control whether the game is advertised on the master server
   list. If you want players to find your server in the master server list you
   will want to enable some of these settings.

* Setting ServerBehindNAT to True may help resolve issues where players cannot
   connect to your server. Otherwise you may need to reconfigure your router,
   firewall or internet connection sharing software to allow UDP ports 7777 to

 For the [RoARAssault.xAssault] section, here are some of the more popular


* bPlayersMustBeReady is used to force all users to confirm that they are ready
   and want the level to begin.

* bAdjustSkill adjusts the skill of the bots so the gameplay is matched up to
   the skill of the human player.

* SpawnProtectionTime is used to prevent players from shooting exclusively at
   players who are newly respawning and haven't had a chance to pick up a weapon
   yet. This is generally not an appropriate way to play, and so adding some
   spawn protection time will give the players a chance to pick up a gun before
   they begin lose health.

* MaxLives is used to enable Last-Man-Standing Assault. Players only get so many
   lives and then they are out and it's up to the remaining players to attack or
   defend to win the level. The round ends if all the attackers run out of

Known Issues:
- On some systems, the circular targeting ring is faint or distorted. This
   appears to be a video problem with the Unreal game engine as the Bombing Run
   targeting display was similarly distorted.

-SL flying is laggy on line and the missile appears ahead of player in 1st
   player view 

Our team:
Doc_EDo	  (Edin Hozic) 	   	   Project Co-ordinator, Mapper, Coder, Website
Aaron   (Aaron Zabudsky)      	   Mapper, Coder, Documentation
Sociallife2k   (Fahad Khan)   	   Coder, Website, Forum Hosting
JimmytheCow   (Kelvin)             Website, Test UT2k3 Server Hosting
Abyzmal    (Brandon Siegel)        Coder, Website, Testing
maniac12ca    (Mike)               Public Relations, Recruiter
Merc    (Caleb Huddleston)         Mapper
NiTrOcALyPsE    (Colin Kippen)     Mapper
VEGA      (J.J. Schiermeister)     Mapper
mpm100              		   Mapper
neka87 (Nedim)                     Mapper
swag (Keith Balding)               Mapper
AzTJrProfesinaL (Junior (Barcode)) Mapper

Maps in this release:
ASR-Frigate Doc_EDo
ASR-IceFieldz by Doc_EDo
ASR-Rook by Aaron
ASR-Bengtskar by Varpu
ASR-AloriaCavern  by swag
ASR-DDay  by Doc_EDo
ASR-Rise by neka87 
ASR-GrandCanyon by Doc_EDo
ASR-AtzMazon   by AzTJrProfesinaL 
ASR-An00bis  by Doc_EDo
ASR-Highbomb    by major blastman and swag 

Coding credits:
Jump boots were made using MrEvil's code (
Also, thanks to everyone that helped with their advice on coding forums.

Copyright and Distribution:
The UT2k3 Assault modification is Copyright 2003 by the RoAR team.

You may distribute this modification in any electronic format as long as:

- All the files in this archive are distributed together, and remain intact and

- There are no fees or charges of any kind.

Unreal(R) Tournament 2003 Copyright 2002 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA.

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