Its an old rusty robot, reminds me of my computer ;-)


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Its an old rusty robot, reminds me of my computer ;-)

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----------------By Davor-------------------------


Rust-v.1.1 is a home-made skin by a kid (me:-)).
It was made using the already made model Rapier and
putting a new skin that I made in Upaint (byRightHemisphere -THX guys:-))

Rust is a skin that I just imagined when I saw that rusty texture that is already made in Upaint.
It is called Rust-v.1.1 because it is the second Rust I made.
The first Rust was pretty much the same like this one but it was undercoated with really light green (painful for the eyes:==))
I couldn't put the texture all around him so it looked like a hippy robot :-).
Than I realised that it won't work and a sat to make a new one.So you have it now.
It's markings are only a copy of something that is only is similiar to Japanese Kanji.


If you already downloaded it you have already seen that it is in Upaint(You have to have Upaint to make the skin work).Sorry for all of you who downloaded it and don't have Upaint (SORRY again!).You can get it from your original UT2003 third CD.(My advice that you get it:-))

Please if you don't like the skin please don't be to harsh because it's my first skin,I'm only 13,and I will practice more to make new better skins.Thank you.

Now an IMPORTANT message: You can use it as you like,you can give it to anyone,you can put it on your Web page, BUT I am asking you not to sell it,rent it or making idiotic adjustments to the skin.If you make any adjustments (you can make them if ou feel the need to) PLEASE mention me as the original creator somewhere in the readme.

Thank you!


It is really simple, but you have to have Upaint.
Just put RUST.upp,
   and   RustBody.upt in the Upaint\Characters dir

Than start Upaint, Load RUST from characters dir in Upaint and go to File>Add Character to Unreal
And that's it


This simple skin was made by Davor PUkšiæ (If you can't read it try with DAVOR PUKSHICH--I'm Croatian(country in the sout-east Europe))

If you have any Questions or just want to say something you can contact me at my E-mail:

[email protected]

I would like to thank My family,my friends,UT2003 files,UTKINGDOM,UT2003 HQ and of course Epic and RightHemisphere.

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