This is the final skin to a pack created by Godshand known as Wulfpack. There's a series of modified skins that make up groupmembers for this pack. The series includes a variation in eye patches, you can see the chart in the Zip file included.

The skin isn't a new skin as much as it is a recolored one, and a very excellent job if I might add. Very worth the download, great job Godshand!



Samuel Character Skin to be used for the JuggMale, for Unreal Tournament 2003
Thank you for trying out my skin :)

Includes: base skin, red and blue team skins, for bright skins.

Author: Goran, ZTIGMATA a.k.a Geist a.k.a XORCIST in the servers.

Source Material(s): Wraith, Widowmaker, Frostbite, Arclite, Cannonball textures from UT2003.

Tools: Unreal Editor 3.0, Photoshop 7.0, and Upaint version 1.

METHOD and INFO: My 5th skin, and final member of the Wulfpack. The reason it took so long for this character to come out was, simply I've been away for 2 months, and just got back. My appologies for the delay & I hope you enjoy this skin that completes the (not supposed to be known) twisted underworld, band of brothers and sister oganization.

P.S. I have included an eye chart of the soldiers with their callsigns and positions. No Nicholas is not the one that killed the prince, incase you thought that after you've seen the chart. It is simply his position on the team. The callsign's were taken from song titles of my favorite band: Front Line Assembly. I chose the song titles and face markings that best matched their personalities.

Extract the Samuel.utx to your UT2003/Textures directory. Then extract the Samuel.upl to your UT2003/system folder. Now open the file called xplayers.int with a text editor, scroll down to the very bottom and add the following line of text exactly as it appears:

Samuel="Name:  Samuel|Age:   437|Race:  Werewolf||Data:|Within his monstrous physique, Samuel has an accomplished past with large weapon systems. He wishes nothing beyond serving his team, and does not seek a position of command to further his career. Samuel carries a broad base of knowledge in the physical sciences, and vast experience with virtually any type of explosive. Making him the primary demolitions expert for the Wulfpack.||"

Thanks to all of those that made the creation of this skin possible.

My Email:[email protected]

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