SDUGA Weapon Pack

Updates in this version:

*mortar alt fire fixed *sniper rifle changed - to "real" sniper *config menu!!!


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Updates in this version:

*mortar alt fire fixed *sniper rifle changed - to "real" sniper *config menu!!!

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SDUGA Weapon Pack v1.38

copy "" and "tsw.u" into the ut2003\system folder. that's it!

to use: go to mutator menu, pick "super delicious ultra great atomic"
or, you can pick individual weapons with the arena mutator
OR.. in game, hit tab and type "summon " + the tsw.whatever stuff after each gun

example: "summon tsw.leechpickup"

NOTES... you can change weapon priorities!

to use this on your server, add one more thing

go to system\ut2003.ini

look for [Engine.GameEngine] until you see all the serverpackage= lines...


that's it! go enjoy this mutator... and don't come back until you do.

revision info
1.38 - Some tweaks
*mortar alt fire fixed
*sniper rifle changed - to "real" sniper
*config menu!!!

1.32 - GRR! more lag found, more lag fixed
*dart gun - sometimes crashed under assert no ragdolls

1.3 - smaller changes
*leech seed laggy


1.2 - all sorts of weapon changes

1.1 - fixed proxy mines making monster lag...
1.0 - first public release
weapon descriptions and help

1. Jetpack (Shield Gun)
Pri - Melee Spark Warfare!
Sec - Fly... but if you get shot down... (dot dot dot) -- you need a jumping start to fly

2. M16M203 (Assault Rifle)
Pri - 3 round burst shot
Sec - 30mm Grenade

3. Leech Seed (Bio Rifle)
Suck your enemy's health and give it to you! (a la Bulbasaur)

Pri - Shoot a leech seed
Sec - Slowly regain ammo

4. Head Hunter (Shock Rifle)
"That's a HUGE Head"

Pri - Increase Enemy Head Size - eventually they pop (3 or 4 shots)
Sec - Pop a large-headed (at least 2 head increases) head

5. Dart Gun (Link Gun)
Make like a safari hunter! - note: you have to hold down the fire button -

Pri - Tranquilize enemy for a few seconds...
Sec - Shoots poison darts

6. Magnigun (Minigun)
No one resists the force of attraction!

Pri - slowly draw you and enemy together
Sec - slowly pull you and enemy apart

7. Mortar Launcher (Flak Cannon)
Long-Range Combat!

Pri - Long range mortar - time delay fuse means can't shoot close to yourself
Sec - Star Wars Repeater-like storm mortar blast

8. Wingdinger (Rocket Launcher)
I love wingdings!

Pri - 1 Symbol
Sec - 4 Symbol Shotgun

9. M24 Sniper Weapons System (Lightning Gun)
Choice of the US Army - highly accurate bolt action 5 round magazine

Pri - Blast (if you are reloading, this interrupts reloading)
Sec - Zoom

10. Vengance (Redeemer)
Avenge your own death!

Pri - Weak Fire
Sec - Switch avenging modes
yo whatever happens mail me for comments


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