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This is a new tool used for querying UT2003 servers at http://freshmeat.net/projects/ut2003area/. This class differs from others, as it uses the new binary protocol, which is more reliable and efficient that the old one. This PHP class is easy to use, and upward.



UT2003area v1.0RC1 - enables quering UT2003 servers
Copyright (c) 2002 Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien <[email protected]>

See COPYING for informations on distributing this library.
See INSTALL for informations on using this library.

For now this library provides only one class, UT2003area_Server.
It is meant to query Unreal Tournament 2003 servers and extract several infos
out of their answers. More classes are to be released, when copyright issues
will be sorted out.

This is a RELEASE CANDIDATE, meaning that this class MAY or MAY NOT be subject
to various bugs, more or less harmful. You've been warned.
The source code is not well documented yet, it will be for the final release.
The functions' behavior and / or the variables names, although pretty stable,
might change when the game is released. This library has been tested on the
demo version ONLY.

Please report bugs and comments to <[email protected]>.

This library is subject to the LGPL, meaning that you can use it and distribute
it freely, under the conditions described in COPYING.

Unreal is a registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc.
Unreal (r) Tournament 2003 (c) 2002 Epic Games, Inc.

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