Shai-Hell's Fury Remix

A remix of the previous Shai skin released by Dru, nice skin!


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A remix of the previous Shai skin released by Dru, nice skin!

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AUTHOR:Dru Tyson 
SHAI V 2.0
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Team colors:Yes
EDITOR: Adobe Photoshop,Upaint,Ureal Editor

Well this is a remix of my last skin "Shai".Hope you like it!!I have enjoyed making it for you.
Thanks go out to Loric and SAH for there expert advice and opinions, and for beta testing :). 
One word of warning though.This skin contains some pretty complex panners and shaders so 
it may not work on some video cards.I have included "fallback material" though so you can still use it just without the all the flash.

To install this skin open your UT2003 folder then just drag and drop the Dark.upl file in the system
folder and the Dark.utx file in the texture folder.
To install the bio just copy and paste the following line into your file in the system folder.

Dark=Name:  Shai|Age:   24|Race:  Human||Data:|Left for dead following an attack by the android known only as "Lucifuge" Shai was saved by the timely return of her former mentor. Now rebuilt with the latest in holobionics,her eyes coated with infrared "eyeshine",she returns to the tournament.She still seeks her past but now she seeks something else as well. Revenge.Her only clue. The cryptic last words of her android assailant. "All Demonoids must be eliminated" .||

Please freely distribute this skin only in unmodified form and not for profit.


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