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Shattered Oasis is a first person shooter genre being developed using Epic’s Unreal Tournament 2003. There are two basic foundations that th...


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Shattered Oasis is a first person shooter genre being developed using Epic’s Unreal Tournament 2003. There are two basic foundations that the storyline is based off of, the first being a post-apocalyptic world, where anarchy rules and resources are limited; the second being an alternate reality, where our history and the universe evolved into the likes of something none of us have seen. Using these two premises, the developers are capable of expounding on different worlds, weapons, characters, and an evolving plot that the will keep Shattered Oasis on the cutting edge in the gaming community.

As with any epic story there are 2 major sides/races/cultures to the story.

Compounders The 'Compounders' strived to live in a secluded harmony, apart from the others they never trusted. They live life as they believe to be best suited for their lifestyles, never imposing on others their beliefs, preferences or politics. The‘Compounders’ excelled in developing technology to harvest the earth and its resources. They set out to live in comfortable peace for as many years as fate would allow. However, peace is a thing of the past and their dream of an oasis has been shattered.

Variants The 'Variants' are a poorer race that scavenge off of the other races to survive in the harsh world that exists. They are not as advanced as the other races yet war is in their blood. They are brutal and immoral. Conflict arises constantly, even within their ranks. Blood, and the ability to wage war is a sport that the ‘Variants’ live, breathe, and excel at. They try to assimilate all other races into their own to further their conquest of The Earth.


SO-Arena – A place where only the best of the best enter and only THE best exit. SO-Arena is a fast paced 1 vs 1 environment that will test not only the players skill, but their wits too. If they are to survive the arena and claim they are the best of the best. Both skill and wits will be put to the limits.

SO-TeamDeathmatch – 2 teams square off to compete with skill and tactics.SOTDM – This will test each teams ability to work as a team to eliminate the other team. There will be no re-spawning and each team will have to fight to the death to win rounds to be victorious.

SO-Deathmatch –Not much to add other then Mayhem and killing will rule this game-type.

SO-Detonation –The first of our new game-types. With cunning and wit you must conquer your Opponents base. Each team has a power generator that is the object of destruction. The enemy must set the auto destruct trigger off and then the countdown begins. The other team then has 10 seconds to reset the autodestruct to return the generator to normal state. If they do not then it detonates and the Round is won by the other team. Rounds are also won by kill counts should the timer run out.

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