Snide Voice Pack

Some cool (and annoying if you are on the receiving end) voice taunts with a complete set of commands and many extra taunts.


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Some cool (and annoying if you are on the receiving end) voice taunts with a complete set of commands and many extra taunts.

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Finished 10/26/2002, by Craig "malignus" Stern

Created entirely by me to add a bit of humor to the rather dull default UT2k3 taunts. 
Guaranteed to make single player games more enjoyable, and also to annoy the crap out 
of your friends in multiplayer if you're better than them.

__* TO USE THIS VOICEPACK: *_________________________________________

Unzip the SnideVoicePack.u and SnideVoicePack.upl files to your UT 2003\System directory.

To play the character Snidely (who uses this voice pack), open the file in
your System directory and paste the following in after Remus, exactly as it is below:

MercMaleBA="Name:  Snidely|Age:   29|Race:  Human||Data:|What happens when you throw young British gentry into the tournament? This guy. And no, he doesn't like the situation one bit. Or you, for that matter.||"

He'll show up in the character list just after Subversa. Select him as your player to run around
making snide remarks during the game. (I had to figure this part out myself, by the way).

TIP: play a deathmatch in Gael with a couple of novice bots to hear all of his taunts!

__* TO USE THIS VOICEPACK ONLINE *____________________________________

From the fraggin' phun tutorial:

To use the new Voice Pack in online games, the server administrator must put these files in their UT2003\System folder, and edit the UT2003.ini file by adding the package to the [Engine.GameEngine] section, as follows:



Create a new file called <charactername>.upl, where <charactername> is whatever you want your character 
to be called. Open up xPlayersL1.upl, find a character you like, and copy their lines from this file. Start <charactername>.upl with [Public], and then paste what you copied on the line after that.

After the "Text=" part, add the following text (separated by commas):


Save it and close. To change your new character's name and text in the game, just edit the file like you did for Snidely. Ta Da! Easy as pie.

__* BUGS *____________________________________________________________

For some reason, not all of the speech options are available through the V menu. 8 of the 29 taunts,
for example, simply won't play when selected through there. Snidely will say them on his own, however,
with autotaunt enabled.

__* *_________________________________________________________________

Special thanks to Fraggin Phun and his lovely Voice pack tutorial:

copyright Craig "malignus" Stern 2002

... and yes, I made all the taunts and everything  myself from scratch. And yes, it was fun.

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