[SOD]Lycanthropys Skins 3 (3 of 4)



Like it says, this is skinpack 3 of 4 with 2 skins in it:

  • [SoD]Lycanthropy
  • [SoD]MuthaMaeI69

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Skins Created by [SoD]Lycanthropy...but feel free to do what you wish with them.
Send your comments to: [email protected]

Lycanthropy Created Character List - Collect them all! hehe
01 )  Blakk Lion
02 )  Blakk Panthore
03 )  Stealth Hunter
04 )  Stealth Hunter Bloody
05 )  The Invisible Man Commando
06 )  Gherkinn
07 )  Sgt. Deeno
08 )  [SoD]MuthaMaeI69
09 )  [SoD]Lycanthropy

Installation Instructions:

Place the .upl files in your UT2003\System folder
Place the .utx files in your UT2003\Textures folder

Add this text to your XPlayers.int file in your UT2003\System folder

SoDLycanthropy="Name:  [SoD]Lycanthropy|Age:   25|Race:  Human|Sex:  Male|Clan:  Soulz of Darkness|Likes:  Blood, guts, and honor.|Dislikes:  Aimbot users and cheap shots.|Favorite Weapon:  Flakk Cannon|Favorite Quote:  "Pain is only a state of mind. Death is just the physical representation of that state of mind."||Data:|Lycanthropy is a member in the Soulz of Darkness. This clan seeks to destroy all comers, and is perfectly capable of doing so. Lycanthropy prides himself in being a great CTF player, but can hold his own in TDM. So remember, If you get in his line of fire...duck!||"

[SoD]MuthaMaeI69="Name:  [SoD]MuthaMaeI69|Age:   24|Race:  Human|Sex:  Female|Clan:  Soulz of Darkness|Likes:  Being in control|Dislikes:  Being out of control.|Favorite Weapon:  Zoom Instagib|Favorite Quote:  "Neener neener Narni Narni!" - Don't Ask! -||Data:|[SoD]MuthaMaeI69 Is a complete control freak! If she tells you to jump, well then you better. She is a great "in your face" player. So watch your back, or she may have a gun pointed at it.||"

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