[SOD]Lycanthropys Skins 4 (4 of 4)

Like it says, this is skinpack 4 of 4 with 2 skins in it: GherkinnSgt. Deeno

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File Description

Like it says, this is skinpack 4 of 4 with 2 skins in it:

  • Gherkinn
  • Sgt. Deeno

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Download '_sod_lycanthropys_ut2k3_skins_1_4_of_4.zip' (4.99MB)

Skins Created by [SoD]Lycanthropy...but feel free to do what you wish with them.
Send your comments to: lycanthropy777@yahoo.com

Lycanthropy Created Character List - Collect them all! hehe
01 )  Blakk Lion
02 )  Blakk Panthore
03 )  Stealth Hunter
04 )  Stealth Hunter Bloody
05 )  The Invisible Man Commando
06 )  Gherkinn
07 )  Sgt. Deeno
08 )  [SoD]MuthaMaeI69
09 )  [SoD]Lycanthropy

Installation Instructions:

Place the .upl files in your UT2003\System folder
Place the .utx files in your UT2003\Textures folder

Add this text to your XPlayers.int file in your UT2003\System folder

Gherkinn="Name:  Gherkinn|Age:   23|Race:  Human|Sex:  Male|Brain Cells Damaged:  Too many to count.|Likes:  Smokin' his inspiration.|Dislikes:  When his inspiration gets him killed.|Favorite Weapon:  Rocket Launcher|Favorite Quote:  "Hehehe"||Data:|Gherkinn can be a formadable opponent when he's not busy doing something else. He likes to camp so watch out!||"

Sgt_Deeno="Name:  Sgt. Deeno|Age:   20|Race:  Human|Sex:  Male|Favorite Weapon:  Redeemer||Data:|Sgt. Deeno has been wearing the same uniform for years...as you can see from all the blood he's accumulated on it. He knows a thing or two about pain and how to make you feel it. If you see the sarge comin' for ya...Run!||"

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