Space Marine

Based on the Marines from Aliens.


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Based on the Marines from Aliens.

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Model Name              : Marine
Author & Skin Artist    : Downpour
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL             :

Model description       : 

Based on the colonial marines from the film Aliens™ 
I have been doing a lot of Aliens™ style stuff lately and thought I would 
try my hand at some low poly modelling. I was originally going to build him 
for Quake3 but decided UT2003 would be better as there aren’t many models 
for that engine around at the moment. The new bones system is much better 
and it also allowed me to up the poly count quit a bit. 

Other info              : 

Look out for some UT2002 tuts about custom animations and ragdols. COMING SOON!

Additional Credits to   : 

Harry Harris for all his great resources on the film.

Thanks to               : My Fiancée for being so patient with me.

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