Stalkers Skin Pack

A pack of some really great skins. http://www.gamingf...


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A pack of some really great skins.

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Stalkers Skin Pack

Epic, Atari, and Digital Extremes, for giving us this awesome game!
The Misfits
ClipArt creators and the web pages that offer them!

Extra Special Thanks to my cousins (you know who you are) for taking time out of their Thanksgiving day to get my computer back together, AND for donating some spare parts.


.UTX files go into the UT2003/textures folder
.UPL files go into the UT2003/system folder


Mirage skin was created for the Selig model (and uses the Selig original skin).
Visage skin was created for the Prism model (and uses the Prism original skin).
Spectral_v2 was created for the Lauren model.

Final Notes:

Comments are greatly appreciated, please feel free to make suggestions, ask questions, or just say “hey”.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the skins!

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