SuperBots v1.2!

This mutator makes the bots play better. They'll dodgejump, dodge for greater movement speed, time important powerups, and more.


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This mutator makes the bots play better. They'll dodgejump, dodge for greater movement speed, time important powerups, and more.

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SuperBots v1.2
Mutator for UT2003
Created by Mysterial (

To install the manual .zip version, extract it to your UT2003\System folder. By default that's C:\UT2003\System.

This mutator makes the bots do some smarter things. The most obvious of them is:
-Bots dodge more
-Bots dodgejump
-Bots liftjump
-Bots dodgejump for speed while moving
-Bots keep track of important powerups (super shield, double damage, superweapons, etc) and will head for them as they spawn.
-Bots take advantage of dodgejumping to take shortcuts
-I added code for walldodging, but it's rare to see a situation where a bot could use it
-Bots don't stupidly charge with shock rifle or instagib gun
-Bots won't waste their spawn protection by firing right after they spawn
-Bots use the shieldgun if they're near death and running towards health

You will need at least version 2225 of UT2003 to use this mutator.

If you're using the TL on your server, SuperBots needs to be added to your ServerPackages. Otherwise, you don't need to.

Known Issues:
-The shield effect won't always display when the bots are protecting themselves with the shield gun, making it look like they have God mode on if you hit the shield. The bots do not cheat.
-SuperBots won't be compatible with mods that change the Bot Controller class. To my knowledge, the only incompatible mods released thus far with gameplay such that you'd want to use this mod with it are TTM and my own Random Item Placement, the latter of which is getting an update to include these features anyway ;)

You can find the latest version of SuperBots and the rest of my mods at

Changes since v1.1
-Fixed bots being able to do illegal jumps
-Fixed "Incompatible game files" if played SuperBots then joined a server
-Aggressive bots will still sometimes charge with shock rifle/instagib gun now
-High skill bots are more likely to switch weapons after firing a long recharge weapon like the Lightning Gun
-Fixed bots liftjumping in bad directions on certain levels

Changes since v1.0
-Bots attempt to translocate to further away destinations than before
-Higher skill bots dodge more when confronting an enemy using a hitscan weapon
-Fixed bots dodgejumping off cliffs all the time
-Fixed bots taking forever to rotate to the direction needed for a dodgejump
-Fixed a few other minor bugs

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