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Allows user to choose what weapons and items to play with.


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Allows user to choose what weapons and items to play with.

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The SwitchArsenal Mutators for UT2003
Version 5 (7/1/03)

Created by Jesse Schoch (Melaneus)

Allows user to choose what weapons and items to play with.

Replaces the 12 standard weapon types and ammo. (Instagib and Zoom Instagib share a slot.)
SwitchArsenal Items replaces items in pickup bases, as well as the regular standalone pickups.
Features the creation and usage of presets for quick loadout selection.
All weapon slots can be set to have the players start with that weapon.
Supports many third party weapon mods. See the webpage for compatibility stats and workarounds.
Supports the placement of non-weapon pickups in weapon bases.
Random sets can generate different items each match, or spawn different items dynamically.
WebAdmin application offers most of the features that the GUI interface provides.

Place files in the UT2003 directory.
The mutator should be available from the mutator list now.

WebAdmin Installation
You must alter UT2003.ini to gain access to the WebAdmin application:
Applications[2]=SwitchArsenal5.SAWebAdmin --Replace the first empty Applications[x] line
ApplicationPaths[2]=/SwitchArsenal --Replace the first empty ApplicationPaths[x] line

SwitchArsenal5.u    	The code for the mutators
SwitchZoomInstagib.u	Lets user choose "Zoom Super Shock Rifle" from menus.
SwitchArsenal5.int	Code initializers
SwitchArsenal.ini	Configuration information

Check out the SwitchArsenal webpage
Contains useful information about this mutator and a list of weapons tested.

Version Notes
Version 5
	Added support for Random Sets.
	New sub-mutator, SwitchArsenal Items, can be used to replace items.
	WebAdmin interface allows remote configuration of the mutator.
	Weapons without unique item names can now be correctly selected from the interfaces.
	Removed icon sorting due to random sets and SwitchArsenal Items.

Version 4
	Slick new interface.
	Change of weapon config page support. See webpage for details.
	Added support to replace Instagib rifles.
	Icon rearranger uses (hopefully) more efficient code.
	Icon rearranger can be disabled by the line RearrangeIcons=False in SwitchArsenal.ini.
	Systematics for saving the current set in SwitchArsenal.ini has been changed.

Version 3
	Network clients run an icon sorter. This will make the weapon icons and key bindings reflect the order of SwitchArsenal's weapon slots. 
	Each pickup weapon slot has a checkbox next to it. If checked, that weapon will be equipped on respawn. 
	Items (Non-weapons spawned in xWeaponBases) now have an InventoryGroup of 99. 
	Presets can be added and deleted right on the configuration page. 
	Preset rotation system added. 
	Attempted to fix as many version conflict issues as possible. 
	SwitchWepCfg.WepCfgPage is the new superclass for assigning weapon configuration screens. 
	Removed ION Rifle. 

Version 2
	The filter is fully functional. 
	The configure screen has been added. 
	Presets and Configuration windows are added through int files. This means it's easier for custom weapons and presets to be added. 
	Fixed a bug dealing with the Change weapon inventory numbers. One custom weapon I tested could not be a Starting Weapon. 
	This version will not let you put an item instead of a weapon in the starting slots. 
	Added support for Mr. Evil's Boots of Jumping, and removed it because it required the boots to be present.
	A better Arsenal preset has been made. It is coded to change all slots to the first starting weapon. 
	There is an option to have the in-game weapon icons be resorted. They will be arranged by slot order, and also the order of selecting them will differ. 
	Contains the Health, Shield, and Double Damage pickups. 
	The Regular health pack replaces ammo with health vials, and the double Damage replaces ammo with adrenaline.

Author Notes
Jesse Schoch of "Critical Systems Digital" (A virtual non-profit
non-organization) created this mutator. He goes by the alias
of Melaneus, and makes lots of stuff, like maps and sci-fi/fantasy 
stories. Contact him at csdgames@adelphia.net.

All rights reserved.

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