T-800 Terminator

T-800 Terminator for Ut2003


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File Description
Model Name              : Terminator T-800
Version			: 1.0
Release Date		: December 25, 2002
Game required		: Unrealtournament2003
Author                  : Juan Gauthier (Juan_Da_Man)
Skin Author 		: <Skinner name>  *only if different to modeler*
Animations		: <Animator name> *only if different to modeler*
Sounds			: <Sound engineer name> *only if different to modeler*
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL		: www.planetunreal.com/roadkill

Unzip onto your unrealtournament2003 directory.

Note: Unreal Tournament version 2166 or higher is required for the model
to work properly ! If you haven't already done so, grab the patch
from http://www.beyondunreal.com/dl.php/official/ut2003/ut2003-winpatch2166.exe 
or it won't work !

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