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Team Chameleon Adrenaline Combo is specially designed for the team-based game modes such as CTF, DOM, BR or the upcoming Assault and Ons...


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Team Chameleon Adrenaline Combo is specially designed for the team-based game modes such as CTF, DOM, BR or the upcoming Assault and Onslaght. The purpose of this combo is to switch player's skin color to the color of the opposing team. While combo is active, player may confuse players of the other team for a teammate.

Combo Duration Time: 30 seconds. Combo Adrenaline Cost: 100 units. Combo Activation Key Sequence: Right, Right, Right, Right.

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// Team Chameleon Combo v 1.0a
// Copyright Michael "_Lynx" Sokolkov ©2004
// Based on an "TurnCoat" idea from
Team Chameleon is an adrenaline combo for UT2003/2004

Mod Type: Adrenaline Combo Mutator.
Supported game types: CTF, DOM, BR.
Author: Michael "_Lynx" Sokolkov
Site: Sorry, but site is russain only.
Contact adress:
Combo Duration Time: 30 seconds.
Combo Adrenaline Cost: 100 units.
Combo Activation Key Sequence: Right, Right, Right, Right. 

II. Installation:
Just make a doubleclick on the TeamChameleon.ut2mod, and follow the 
installator's instructions. If your OS tells you that it doesn't 
know how to open this file type, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Copy the TeamChameleon.ut2mod into UT2003/System folder. 
If you don't know where this folder is, check "Play UT2003" 
shortcut's properties. In "Target" field you'll find the path to 
the "System" folder.

Step 2:Run from the command line (Start->Run in Windows) programm 
setup.exe, that is located in the same "System" folder, with 
following parameters:

install TeamChameleon.ut2mod

In Windows you should find the setup.exe via "Browse" button menu 
and add this string after the path to the file.

Step 3: Follow the installator's instructions ;)

If during the installation process installator says that it requires 
some UT2003 version that is less or equal to yours, this means that 
one of the files (Manifest.ini) of your UT2003 is damaged or missing. 
To fix this you need to reinstall UT2003. If you want to use it on 
the server you need to open UT2003.ini (located in UT2003/System 
folder) and find the [Engine.GameEngine] section and in the end of 
it add the following line:


III. Usage:
To use it start Host Multiplayer Game or Instant Action, depending 
on what are you going to do, setup the game as usual. On the Mutators 
tab select from the left list mutator named Team Chameleon, and add 
it to the list o used in the game. For the current moment none of 
the official combos (Berserk, Regeneration, Invisible, Speed, 
Pint-Sized and Camouflage) uses key sequence used by Team Chameleon 
(4 times Right). If any custom does, you need to remove it via removing 
it's loading mutator to avoid any conflicts. In game, as you collect 
100 units of adrenaline by collecting pills or completing games tasks, 
varying from killing other team's players or scoring goals/capturing 
flags, tap the "Strafe Right" button four times. You'll recieve a 
"Chameleon!" message. Since this moment for the next 30 seconds you 
will look like if you were a player of the opposite team.

IV. Gameplay notices:
Be careful, as some effects are still showing your team attitude, 
such as translocator's trail, or spawn effect. So avoid using 
translocator. The other reason, to be cautious is that your 
teammates may not notice the team beacon above your head and 
will start shooting at you, so you'd better warn them about your 
intension to use Chameleon Combo before activating it. But keep 
in mind not everyone may notice your message, so stay sharp. Just 
like any other combo/item affecting visual appearance of the player
(for example Invisble combo), this combo doesn't affect bots (I mean 
they'll treat you as an enemy). Sorry, but there's no way do that. 

V. Version History

16 January: found an idea of TurnCoat item on 
(found it accidentally by clicking the "Random Page" =D ).

18 January: decided to do something useful, started the editor and 
as sitting in front of it whole hight, made it work, but combo couldn't 
get the right texture for the character, so it was becoming white =).

19 January: Woke up, added one line, copied into three other places. 
Combo started working properly. 

Features of 1.0a: 
- Changes model's body texture to the one of opposing team's color. 
- If shoulder ligts are used, changes their colour too. 

To do in v1.0b
- Support for more than 1 skin texture for body. 
- Auto teamsay precaution msg. 
- Some emitter effects may be added for the moments while skins are 
To do in v2.0
I suppose to make v2.0 after the UT2004 will be released.
- Make the combo change not only skins but a mesh, so that the player 
  would look like the real existing player of the opposing team (thanx 
  to the Foxpaw for the idea!). 
- Make vehicle's skin change it's color just like the player's skin, 
  if a player with activated combo enters vehicle.

VI. Questions/Suggestions 
If you have any questions and/or suggestions feel free to mail me. You 
can use either English or Russian language in your letters. If my english 
is crappy, please forgive me, I'm trying to do my best, but it's not my 
native language.

VII. Thanx to:
- The Epic Games Inc. For creating Unreal® Engine and Unreal games series.
- Foxpow for the idea of making the "clone" of the existing player o the 
  opposing team
- for creating Mod Idea section. 
- To unknown (at least to me) author of the idea.

VIII. Other works for UT2003 by the author:
1. UT2003 translation into Russian, with cyrillic fonts support
2. UnrealLottery v2 (It's a fixed version (those who've played it
   will understand, what I'm talking about) of UnrealLottery, but 
   I can't put it anywhere, till I get a permission from the author, 
   and haven't recieved a reply from him).

IX. Copyright:
Copyright for the code of combo script belongs ot the author. If you want 
to use it completely or with some changes in your own project, please 
notify me by e-mail. Code is based on UT2003 standard classes Pawn, 
PlayerReplicationInfo, Controller and their subclasses. The idea of the 
mutator belongs to an unknown (at least I haven't found any mention on the 
page), author, and was posted at

Unreal Tournament 2003 ©2002 Epic Games Inc. All Rights Reserved. Unreal 
Tournament and the Unreal Tournament logo are registered trademarks of 
Epic Games Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of 
their respective owners.

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