The UT Buddy Locator

This is an enhanced external server browser.Here are its features:

you can search for buddies, that are currently playing onli...


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This is an enhanced external server browser.Here are its features:

[list] you can search for buddies, that are currently playing online by (a) exact match, (b) a substring-search or (c) by regular expression. either case sensitive or not.

you can build your own filters for the serverlist - based on several server-properties (e.g. gametype - so you can build your list of current [insert your mod here]-servers [with at least x players on them and an average ping below y and ... ] - you get the idea) it ignores bots - so you get the real number of human players on the server it supports UTclassic and UT2003 (even both together, if you have both installed) it maintains a local server-cache, where the servers are sorted by "quality" - so servers, with a low average ping and a lot of buddies found on them in the past, will be scanned before the ones that didn't respond, roughly explained - you get the idea - in fact, you don't have to contact the masterserver each time you want to use the tool. the result is: you get the "interesting" servers scanned first and can go get some frags immediately (which is what you'd eventually like to do when using this tool) all those little things, that actually make an application useful (double-click a server to join, ctrl-c to copy selected serverproperties (e.g. the address), a lot of options to configure it's behavior, server- and player-lists are sortable (click the table-headers), autodetection of installed games, optionally it checks your dialup-connection before performing any internet-related actions, timer triggered refresh, supports WinXP-styles, etc etc etc...) it's free, fast and has a simple, intuitive user interface lastly, it's developed by a person that's open for enhancement-requests and new ideas - actually this thing should be useful to as many people possible

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UBuLo -- The UT Buddy Locator

-> an enhanced external Server Browser

Ok. "Why just another external Serverbrowser?" you ask?
Here you go:
* it's free
* it's fast
* simple, intuitive GUI
* unique features (e.g. search buddies using regular expressions or substrings)
* configurable filters for the serverlist
* supports UTclassic and UT2003
* a developer open for enhancement requests ;)

If you find any Bugs or Inconsistencies or think something
is too puzzling - contact me: - Comments are
welcome! :)

back to visual studio...

* Scrows Icons
* CTabPageSSL (the Original doesn't support Pictures)
* CNewLabel (for the Link in the About-Dialog)

planned Features
* statistics window (when pinging)
* add "hide full servers" to filter-options
* remove masterserver button and make it another tab instead (where the log is shown)
* split servers-tab into 2 seperate tabs: "browser" (only for the list) and "server" (for the details)
* "investigate"-button to help in setting up the number of concurrently used sockets
* customize order of server settings
* import favorites from .ini (local and sent-in from buddies)
* help system
* fixing whatever shows up to be not optimal
* ...

* N/A (except missing functionality)

0.3.2 - 07/29/2003 
* some UI enhancements and fixes (allow only one instance, consistency checks, some colors, about box, etc...)
* sorting in player-list
* more server-properties: 
  + stats
  + timelimit
  + goalscore
  + weaponstay
  + translocator
  + serverversion
  + balanceteams
  + playersbalanceteams
  + friendlyfire
  + gamespeed
  + minigunlockdown
  + linklockdown
  + initialwave
  + minnetver
  + gamemode

0.3.1 - 07/28/2003
* options dialog - some of these options are new, some could be tweaked in earlier version already by editing the registry directly - just check them all out
* fixed memory leak when loading server-cache after changing supported games
* added team-info in player-list (a little color-bar)

0.2.2 - 07/26/2003
* small bugfix parsing gamespy-answer
* small bugfix in UTclassic detection (the wiki was wrong!)

0.2.1 - 07/25/2003
* changing from alpha to beta status
* the dropdown-list in the "choose mutator" dialog now has a scrollbar
* new Text in the Masterserver Log-Window is inserted at the top (not at the bottom)
* UTclassic is in :)
* autodetecting at first startup, which games (ut,ut2003) are actually installed
* lots of smalls fixes and things that showed up in a lot of different places while adding UTclassic-Support everywhere
* show some more server properties (password, mutators, admin)

0.1.3 - 07/24/2003
* the timer triggered (automatic) refresh of the online buddy-list now works
* removed nonfunctional "Add..."-Button on Servers-Tab
* Masterserver communication can now be aborted at any time (technically the masterserver-query was moved to a seperate thread using a non-blocking socket)
* minimizes into the system tray (use left doubleclick to restore or right click for a menu)
* bugfix: refreshing a single server (F5) stopped the "pinging all"-thread (when active at the same time)
* show a small hint when clicking "options"
* set the background-thread (the one that pings all those servers) to a higher priority

0.1.2 - 07/23/2003
* startet _real_ version-numbering
* empty online-buddies-list on restart
* shorter suggested filternames
* use F5 to refresh a server in the list (it might disappear if it doesn't match the current filter after the refresh)
* fixed bug in filter loading: long mutators didn't get loaded after shorter ones
* automatic refresh - the timer for restarting (the globe-icon) works, the other one (for online-buddies) does not (yet)

03/07/22 (afternoon-version)
* increased window height (for Proinsias)
* save and load custom filters

03/07/22 (still-alive-edition)
* dropping server from cache, if they're not listed on the masterserver (bKeepNotMasterListed)
* Fix for Button-Text not changing, when launching ut2003
* added some messageboxes after insert/drop actions in local servercache
* custom filters basically working

03/07/17 (nightly-build)
* server cache fully functional (with automatic deleting from cache after x times "no response" in a row - x defaults to 3, i.e. nDropLimit=-3 (see registry))
* fixed small bug when closing while pinging
* double-clicking a buddy will change to the server, he/she is playing on (in the servers-tab)

03/07/17 (afternoon-version)
* added server-address to settings-box (ip:port)
* press ctrl-c to copy a value from the settings-box (the address for instance...)
* double-clicking a server in the list will pause the ping-process (eventually close UBuLo - see registry or wait for me implementing the options-dialog) and launch ut2003 connecting to that server - provided you have ut2003 installed... ;)
* serverlist-cache is written on shutdown but not loaded at startup (will be tomorrow)

03/07/17 (gowron-release)
* switched main tabs (thx gowron)
* added playercount to serverlist (again thx gowron) (increased application-window width slightly)
* fixed selection bug in serverlist

03/07/17 (lunch-edition)
* bugfix in buddy-name matching-algorithm
* rewritten ping controls - "restart" works now, "pause" and "continue" are new and also working

03/07/16 (nightly-build)
* checking dialup connections before connecting (toggle HKCU\Software\UBuLo\Settings\b* or wait for the options-dialog ^^)
* masterserver connect rewritten (now with log-dialog)
  (spent the whole afternoon hunting down a one-missing-operation bug)

03/07/16 (lunch-edition)
* buddy-search per regular expression works
* some nice icons on buddy-tab
* working edit- and delete-button on buddies-tab
* added server-info (gametype and maptitle) to online-buddies-list
* memory leak in buddies-tab fixed

03/07/16 (breakfast-version)
* all known bugs in buddies-tab fixed

* "add buddy" dialog
* the offline/online lists are filled, but it's still buggy - will fix that tomorrow

* most of the backend-stuff and datastructure is done
* currently only works with ut2003
* the only controls that actually work are: 
  -> "masterserver" - get current serverlist
  -> "start/stop/restart" - control server-querying
  -> "exit" - uhm, well, ...
  -> the "filter"-combobox - although you can't create your own filters atm
  -> the sorting of the server list (click the listcontrol-header)

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