A remake of the Thorn skin with a new colour and team skins.


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A remake of the Thorn skin with a new colour and team skins.

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 This is an update for my sencond skin.  Its for the MercFemaleA.  It has a hole new body color and team skins. I would like to thank my family for the help with this one.  Take a look and thank you for downloading this file.

utx file goes into the Textures directory of your UT2003 folder
upp file goes into the System directory of your UT2003 folder

this skin took 2 days to make, (more or less)


MercFemaleXB=Name:  Thorn|Age:   26|Race:  Human.||Data:|Thorn was captured raiding an Imperial store house.  She took out 12 gaurds before they captured her.  The bace commander new talent when he saw it and offered a her a deal.  Compeete in the tounaments or be executed.  You can see where she ended up.||

Constructive comments or questions can be emailed to me at

Thank you

John (Xenocide) Nelson

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