Transformers Megatron

I loved this cartoon!

This model is of the evil leader Megatron who commands the Decepticons!

This model is nice and and comes with a...


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File Description

I loved this cartoon!

This model is of the evil leader Megatron who commands the Decepticons!

This model is nice and and comes with a good voice pack too.

two versions, the comic book and cartoon flavor:)

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Download '' (9.72MB)

Megatron for Unreal Tournament 2k3


Model:		Michael Frost   -
Skins:		Matt "Arco" Ferguson -
Animations:	UT2k3 Male Biped, some modified
Sounds:		Sourced from
Design:		Hasbro

Face Count: 2844
Vertices: 1570
FileSize: 9.96 mb zip

Place the files included in the Megatron.ZIP into their respective directories in the X:\UT2003\ directory. 

Model Description:
Love, compassion, mercy are words that have no meaning for Megatron. He has risen to the leadership of the Decepticons by a combination of brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness, and terror.  His banishment to Earth has only made him more bitter and more evil-minded, if that is possible. He aches to return to Cybertron and complete his mission of eradicating the Autobots. But while on Earth he is dedicated to eliminating those Autobots marooned with him- and his plans go far beyond that. Megatron intends to enslave the entire human race. Megatron has no known weaknesses. 

(Taken from

Author's Notes:

mike frost-
This is a model i started a year ago - I came back to it and figured it had already had alot of effort put into it, so it should be finished off for release. Arco did a good job on making a faithful depiction of megatron in the skin and i didnt want to leave his work unfinished! The model itself wasnt difficult to create; learning to import, create (modified) custom animations, and a sound pack for UT 2k3 was what took so long to finish. The animations for megatron were meant mostly just "get the job done" kind of deal and i think they worked. i simply modified the base male UT2k3 bip anims, and setup megatron to fire from his forearm, in place of carrying the rifle like standard models. I have not attempted animation before and i have learned a bit from messing with epic/DE's anims.

I hope people like the model that matt and i spent time working on, and that it stands out in some way from other transformers models!

Special Thanks:

Kevin "OrangeCatNinja" Dalziel - Thank you for showing me how to use cellshading in UT2k3!
Antonio "Bloodriot" Perestrelo - Thank you for testing out the models with me, and helping me with various other stuffs.
Hasbro - for bringing us Megatron and the rest of the Transformers
Craig "The3dGuy" Cafaro - thank you for helping to test megatron and optimus!

TRANSFORMERS™ And All Associated Characters are ™ of Hasbro. 2001-2002
MEGATRON character ™ of Hasbro. 2001-2002
© Hasbro Inc. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Consumer Products.

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