Transformers Optimus Prime

Fearless leadr of the Autobots!

Tranform and move out!

Great model, comic and TV an excellent voice pack!

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File Description

Fearless leadr of the Autobots!

Tranform and move out!

Great model, comic and TV an excellent voice pack!

Get this and the Megatron model and re-live your childhood now!

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Optimus Prime for Unreal Tournament 2k3


Model:		Michael Frost - [email protected]
Skins:		Matt "Arco" Ferguson - [email protected]
Animations:	UT2k3 Bot Biped animations
Sounds:		Sourced from
Design:		Hasbro

Face Count: 2456
Vertices: 1338
FileSize: 8.6 mb zip


Place the files included in the OptimusPrime.ZIP into their respective directories in the X:\UT2003\ directory. 

Model Description:

If he had been on Earth, he would be a doctor, a mechanic, a scientist and a warrior. But on Cybertron there is no difference between these professions. So Optimus uses his skills to heal and repair- which are the same things to Autobots- to improve the world around him and, if necessary, to fight. Both in power and intelligence, he has no equal. He can be immensely kind and his compassion extends to all that lives, including the creatures of Earth. Yet he will battle unceasingly to protect the weak and defend what he believes in. The only weakness he could be accused of having is being too compassionate and concerned about the safety of others. He would be a more effective military commander if he were more ruthless, but then he wouldn't be Optimus Prime.

(taken from

Author's Notes:

mike frost
i had started this model over a year ago now, intended for jedi outcast originally. I traded up to UT2k3 because of UT's flexibility and ease of import over JO. He uses the base bot anims, and arco's textures work well on the model for both detailed and cell-shaded versions. Matt has been waiting a while to see a current optimus model released and i hope that this stands up to what he and other transformers fans expect! Nothing overly fancy on this guy, little bit of clipping here and there but it was unavoidable with how the model was created from day one. Megatron, soundwave and devastator will show fewer issues as they were built upon what i learned from optimus.

I hope people like the model and that it might get used here and there!

Special Thanks

Kevin "OrangeCatNinja" Dalziel - Thank you for showing me how to use cellshading in UT2k3!
Antonio "Bloodriot" Perestrelo - Thank you for testing out the models with me, and helping me with various other stuffs.
Hasbro - for bringing us Optimus and the rest of the Transformers
Craig "The3dGuy" Cafaro - thank you for helping to test megatron and optimus!


TRANSFORMERS™ And All Associated Characters are ™ of Hasbro. 2001-2002
OPTIMUS PRIME character ™ of Hasbro. 2001-2002
© Hasbro Inc. All rights reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Consumer Products.

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