Interesting first try. Looks like something that might hunt me down in my nightmares, laughing as it did so. I don't really see any waste...


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Interesting first try. Looks like something that might hunt me down in my nightmares, laughing as it did so. I don't really see any wasted space in the skin. Not bad for a first try. I would recommend working a little with some alpha channel effects to try and make the blue or red pulse a little or have that glowy effect. That would have compleated this first effort nicely. ~Ghost Rider

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Made by Kyllian 12/29/02
This is my first skin ever.  It's also a child of boredom.  It started out just messing around, then I tried adding things I liked and tada, Trilith is born

Kinda has a techno-tribal design don't it?

1. put the utx in the testures folder
2. put the upl in the system folder
3. this readme in the help folder
4. Put the following lines of text at the end of your "" file (if you're a little squirmish about that, copy a backup somewhere)

TrilithBio="Name:  Trilith|Age:   18|Race:  Cybernetic Human||Data:|Was once the adopted sister of the bounty hunter now known as "Lilith"  But, after the incarceration of her sister, Trilith began rebelling against the Empire.  Her transgressions were mainly unnoticed by the Empire, until she attempted to bomb the same facility that her sister was sent to for personality deletion.  She soon discovered that the Empire is not without a sense of irony, for it was her own sister Lilith that captured her and brought her in.  Sentenced to the same fate, she was rebuilt in similar, but darker, fashion.  She is now with her sister once again, even if she has no clue who the hell either of them are.||"

5. start up ut2003 and enjoy!

You can share this with as many people as you like as long as the files are intact, unchanged, and that you don't sell it.

If you want team skins, you can try to email me(its below), but no gaurantees or promises, so write the email in a way to make me think it would be a worthy effort.
If I do agree to do teams skins, they will be finished and released at my discretion.

For complaints, comments etc, email me at [email protected]

If you attempt/do steal my skin, angry ninja monkeys, samurai penguins and sumo clowns will haunt your dreams and torment you life.  

And no, you can't have a cookie

P.S. Any emails that say I jacked this skin from anyone will be replied with a very large F*** YOU email.

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