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Troopers: Dawn of Destiny, a brand-new Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003 that crosses the boundary line between Game and Experienc...


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Troopers: Dawn of Destiny, a brand-new Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003 that crosses the boundary line between Game and Experience to bring you an atmospheric, involving, multiplayer-based tactical FPS set in the fictional universe that has been at the heart of science fiction for thirty years. Sporting all-new characters, battlefields, weaponry, and modes of gameplay, Troopers completely revamps UT2003, turning it into a supportive platform for a new breed of Star Wars gaming. Best of all, Troopers is totally free: so long as you have UT2003 installed, you have nothing else to worry about—assuming that either your connection or your patience is hefty enough to deal with the download.

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Download '' (146.05MB)

To install just run the umod as usual.

Heres a feature List:

All modification artwork, audio work, music, and models in Troopers are 100% original: nothing has been copied or taken from sources other than UT2K3 itself, and then only minimally.

Over 49.000 lines of code, resulting in some of the most advanced systems you’ve ever seen in a mod. Every line of code that is not Epic’s has been written by Troopers.

Three player models including the Stormtrooper and the Fleet Rebel.

Six distinct skins, combined with the models to make eight different characters. Each character has a detailed personal history, as explained in the character biographies.

Four weapons from the Star Wars universe: the DH-17 Blaster Pistol, E-11 Blaster Rifle, A280 Heavy Blaster, and the DLT-19 Blaster Rifle. All weapons have high-detail skins and unique, custom animations.

Each weapon features at least two distinct fire modes; the E-11 has three.

Three completely tested, themed maps, built with entirely new assets from the ground up. Capture the Flag in the swamps of Dagobah, fight alongside your teammates in an abandoned Massassi temple on Yavin IV, or struggle for the control of an Endor AT-AT Hangar – it’s all possible.

Three game types featuring both Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch tailored to Troopers gameplay, as well as the new CleanSweep gametype, a combination of some of the best capture-and-hold gametypes from various games, with a unique Troopers twist slotted in.

Four brand-new music tracks that combine classic themes with the charged pace of tactical action.

An enormous amount of newly-created sounds, ranging from the smallest items like simple menu clicks, to bolts whizzing by your head, machines making idle noises as you pass them by in-game, weapons reloading, players grunting and screaming in pain; every single sound effect in Troopers is original and high-quality.

Two custom voice packs, one for each side. If you ever wanted to tell Rebel scum to die, now is your chance. The code behind the voice packs has been augmented to allow for a subdivision of the “Other” sounds into multiple categories. Orders that are given through the speech menu are accompanied by character gestures.

A new announcer voice that replaces the constant rambling of the sport commentator in the background. The functionality of announcements has been updated to be effective, yet not annoying.

Four separately designed, modeled, and audibly distinct recharge stations that allow you to patch your wounds and recharge drained power packs in the heat of battle.

Several advanced emitter effects to please the eye. The life of a blaster bolt is surrounded by emitters, from it’s creation in the weapon barrel to the destruction on the armor of a Storm Trooper: there are effects to accompany it all.

A completely dynamic menu-configurable Heads-Up Display! The Troopers HUD can be completely configured from the in-game menus, from size and dimension to the placement of every single piece, or its lack of presence at all. If you would prefer to have your chat window on the lower left, extended so it can hold more messages, and the score on the upper right, then you’ll have that setup in a matter of seconds by using the HUD configuration system.

Per-character arms. In most games, the character arms viewed in first person don’t match with those of the third person character. Not so in Troopers. Every character has its own arm skin, making sure that everything matches up perfectly.

A completely unique aiming system that creates a challenge for both newcomers and veterans! The aiming in Troopers is centered around the weapon barrel itself. Barrel location has been stored in all weapon models, which is queried when the blaster fires. Your projectile will follow the exact path in which the weapon barrel is pointing at the time you fire. Various physical situations like jumping, running, crouching and rapidly firing have an effect on the control of the weapon, which results in the weapon bobbing in your hands.

A dynamic reticule to go with the new aiming system. The reticule in Troopers shows, at all times, exactly where a projectile shot from the weapon at that time will hit. This allows veterans to carefully time their shots, with pinpoint accuracy, while beginners can use the reticule like they would in any other game.

An advanced web query system is built into the server browser. A Troopers Message of the Day has been added to the server browser, which displays along with the default UT2003 MotD. This Message of the Day is retrieved from our web servers, or in the case that fails, one of the backup servers. There is support for a specific MotD for every build of Troopers. The Troopers web servers are also queried to check if you are running the latest version of the game. If you’re not, you will be notified of this with a clickable URL leading to download location for the update. Last but not least, there is a query for the latest IRC channel. When Troopers hosts a chat or other IRC based event, the in-game chat client can automatically be set to that server and channel.

New player animation set. You won’t find double jumping Stormtroopers in our mod. The animations have been tailored to a more realistic universe, and the taunt animations include some classics.

Severely augmented Artificial Intelligence. The bots in Troopers can do anything that a human can do, from reloading their weapons, to swapping empty weapons for better ones or enemy weapons, to recharging themselves at recharge stations, to controlling CleanSweep CapPoints; they can do it all. In addition, a great deal of effort has been put into making the AI play like they would in the movies, resulting in dynamic Squad creation systems and more coherent Squad play among bots. A spawning bot will decide if it is, at that time, better to start a new Squad and go after an as-yet uncovered objective, or to join the Squad of someone nearby. When Squad members see that their Squad leader is getting far away from them, they request him to wait up. Special algorithms decide whether the leader should wait up or not. Once in a squad, the bots will stick to the leader, resulting in several packs of tightly grouped Stormtroopers roaming the maps. Weapon AI code has been customized so the bots know what the best weapon is for each situation, and when to use which firing mode.

Customized User Interface. The UT2003 menus have been modified to fit in Troopers and to show Troopers-related information only. The boring UT2003 loading screens have been replaced by stylized screenshots of the map being loaded, under which a unique story for each map is displayed. For custom maps, there is support for custom loading screens with their own stories.

Extended authorship has been performed for Troopers. There is an advanced game manual, release notes, a Troopers mapping guide, in-game loading screen stories, character biographies, map descriptions, and more. All the information has it roots in the Star Wars extended universe: every piece of the story has a motivation and background.

Target Identification and Objective Identification systems are incorporated to stimulate team play and help you find your way around to all of the objectives.

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