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Balances 2k3's gameplay through modification of weapons. See readme for more details.


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Balances 2k3's gameplay through modification of weapons. See readme for more details.

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TruePlay:	Balances 2k3's gameplay through modification of weapons. 2k3 was not
		balanced, no matter what any dev or fanboy says, it degenerated into rocket
		spam contests. This mod achieves a more paper/sciccors/rocks balance that
		makes the game much more enjoyable while fixing numerous tiny annoyances
		that plague 2k3, such as weapon throw with weapon stay on and hitsounds.
		Rockets can now be countered with flak, asmd, minigun, and even rifle. No
		longer is there one totally dominant weapon for 90% of situations. Comments,
		constructive ones, are welcomed by anyone, but mostly we're releasing this
		to show Epic/DE what we think balance is, rather than post our wishlist on
		some forum and also to get rid of some of the sillier bugs that they should
		have fixed long, long ago.


1. Assault: 	-No changes, good starting weapon.

2. Goo Gun: 	-Primary has slightly slower ROF, still useful, less spammy.

3. Shock: 	-Primary no longer fires like a minigun, ROF slower, but now does 50 damage.
		-Secondary fires slower, but ball flies faster, does 45 damage, has smaller 
		collision box (less accidental collisions with level geometry), and starts 
		from the center of the screen as it should, not the lower right as default.
		-Combo has a larger radius and stronger damage, unarmored hit by a combo 
		will kill like it should (balances out instant rock/flak kills). Combo takes
		3 ammo instead of 5, due to low amounts of ammo on most maps.

4. Minigun:	Got rid of the useless, laggy explosive rounds of secondary fire. Works 
		similar to UT mini, with accurate primary (but slower ROF), faster secondary
		but much less accurate. Raised the damage on bullets.  Secondary was removed
		because its original intent, to get thru shield, was nullified by dev's
		removing ability to block mini in the first place.

5. Link:	No changes, DE/Epic did a good job, although I'd prefer less movement, more
		straight line like the latest rifle or old link.

6. Rockets:	Loads 3 rockets in cluster for less spam on primary. Smaller splash radius,
		but still do 100 damage if you catch one in the face. Secondary now fires 
		insta-rockets, basically 2k3's rockets with lower splash radius.

7. Flak:	Slightly slower ROF and tighter spread on primary. Secondary now fires
		slower, but flies alot faster and actually follows an arc, with increased
		damage, a flak ball to the face will kill unarmored, same as rockets, same
		as combo.

8. Sniper:	No changes, DE/Epic made it into an actual sniper rifle, we'd like to see
		a less distracting lightning bolt.

9. Translocate: Removed the throw limit, changed the angle and starting position, put in a
		ROF limit (although slower that UT's).  Can still be used to
		navigate short hallways with no problem, intended for CTF play, not BR.  For
		BR, keep 2k3's TL, but for CTF the default was useless.

Weapon Throw:	Now works even with weapon stay on, feel free to borrow Epic/DE :)

Self-Damage:	Raised it. If you're gonna be a kami-noob, you're gonna pay a price for it.
		So, use some skill and keep your distance.

Adrenaline:	Removed Speed and Invis. These were total imbalancers and really made games
		not fun. Why after the failure of Relics, dev's decided this would improve
		gameplay I have no idea, other than that they simply don't learn lessons.

Hit Sounds:	Added hitsounds. Hit.wav comes right from pak0.pk3 not sure why its not on 
		by default. This lets you know when you successfuly hit someone, making it 
		easier to tell when your hits are successful.


Final notes: Epic/DE, please fix this game, default is currently atrocious.  Its completely
unbalanced and will not thrive as a tourney game as a result. After seeing the relative lack
of success of Relics and the Matrix mod, why you would make these the cornerstones of 2k3 I
can't even imagine.  No one played a Relic server with Matrix mod on, why did you think
people would enjoy it now???  Combine that with the high sys requirements, and you have 2k3s
inability to compete with other games currently released in terms of online play, you gave
people no reason to upgrade, its just not fun.  Fixing the weapons, and eliminating the 
plethora of small annoyances, and implementing a seperate translocator for CTF and BR would
help greatly.  Comments are always welcomed, but if you resort to 2k3 was fine the way it
was, great go play with the other 10 people currently online and playing it default.

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