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Uchan by dnx2000

Feel free to use as you want, modify as needed, and distrubute as you see fit.

peace to all the UT2k3 players and fans of custom stuff.

To Install:

Step 1: Put Uchan.utx in your UT2003/Textures folder.
Step 2: Put Uchan.upl in your UT2003/System folder.
Step 3: In the system folder, open up XPlayers.int with a text editor and add the following on its own line:

Uchan="Name:  Uchan|Age:  23|Race:  Cyborg||Data:|She was a successful Cyborg Assassin and now she will show you her great skills in the Tournament .For your own safety, stay far away from her, otherwise you will be dead!. .||"

Enjoy !

much respect to:



for being the best UT2k3 sites around !

-The German UT2k3 Fan !


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