Unreal Tournament 2003 Screenshot Converter

A neat little program that will automatically convert your in-game screenshots from a .bmp to a .jpg file.


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A neat little program that will automatically convert your in-game screenshots from a .bmp to a .jpg file.

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Unreal tournament 2003 Screenshot Convertor

What is it?
Fed up with screenshots being a 1.5 meg BMP file, well this little tool 
will convert  the screenshots AUTOMATICLY for u.
The tool runs in the system tray (lower right corner of the screen) and 
it detects when ut 2003 is running. After ut 2003 is closed down the program will convert the bitmaps to JPG (in the background) and move them optionaly to another directory.

So in short an automatic screenshot convertor for unreal tournament 2003.

How does it work
When you first run the program it will ask u to fill in the options. Choose
the unreal tournament's 2003 system directory (where screenshots are normally saved) and choose an optionally folder where u want the screenshots to be saved (in case u don't want them in the system folder anymore). The timer check value is something wich u can leave on the normal value of 250, it is used to check if ut 2003 is running or not! Choose the action what needs to be done after ut 2003 is closed
down and your done. Press the X button to let the program run in the system tray, only then it is active!
Run ut 2003 take screenshots and the program will convert them after u closed it down. It will show a purple U icon while its converting!
Right click the tray icon to show the menu of actions or left click it to bring up the options window. While converting this menu isn't availible nor will u be able to call the options dialog!
To close the program right click the tray icon (when options screens is closed down a tray icon will be made) and choose exit!

Other info
IF it is the first time you run the program, and you got a lot of screenshots in your system folder it wil take a while before all files are converted, this is normal ! Next time it won't take so long.

If you made some changes in UT 2003, that made it save the screenshots somewhere else then the system folder (not sure if thats even possible), make sure u set it back to the system folder, the program checks for ut2003.exe being in the system folder!

Screenshots are saved as ShotX.bmp or ShotX.jpg (where x is a nr) if u move them to another directory or let them convert. This is normal, i made my own counting system since ut 2003 will start from shot00000.bmp again whenever it doesn't find any screenshots.
Also unlike ut 2003 i didn't do any checking on file deletions. If u got some files named shot1.jpg shot2.jpg shot3.jpg and u delete shot2.jpg the program wil not recreate shot2.jpg but will go on from the last filename it encounters so shot3.jpg -> +1
= shot4.jpg and so on.

If U enter an invalid system directory or screenshot directory and the option you choose needs those directory's, and u choose to close down the app instead of respecifing a valid directory, the program will reset the start up minimized option so you can respecify valid directory's next time it starts!

The program doesn't affect Unreal tournament 2003 gameplay What so ever it runs completely outside of ut 2003. It won't take any longer to create a screenshot since the screenshots are only converted / moved AFTER Unreal Tournament 2003 is closed Down!

There is an option to compress the jpg images, for those that don't know 0% compression gives u the best image quality but the filesize is also bigger (still 10 times smaller as bmp) if u choose 100% compression image quality is the worst but filesize is very very small! I've set a default value of 25%, its a good value since u can't notice the visual quality
is lower. Feel free to experiment with it.

IF you would like to mirror this file on your site you may do so AS LONG AS YOU PUT A LINK TO MY MAIN SITE on your site.

This program is freeware and can not be sold, you may however put it on cdromsfrom magazines etc. !

Created by Willems Davy (aka Joyrider) willems.davy@willemssoft.com
Willems Soft 2002 Http://www.willemssoft.com

Hope u like it !

Thanks Epic & Infogrames for another fine unreal game !

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