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From the author:Whats it offers UT2Vote is a voting mutator for all UT2003 game. When the game ends, the Map Menu will popup on eve...


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From the author:

Whats it offers UT2Vote is a voting mutator for all UT2003 game. When the game ends, the Map Menu will popup on everyones screens and they can choose a Map, new Game or Mutator to vote for. Once someone has voted, another window will popup requesting a YES or NO vote. If there are more YES votes the map will be selected for the next game. Many extras and a zillion bug fixes.

Changes in 1.2

  • Fixed map selection bug.
  • Fixed voting calculations.
  • Fixed Mutator selection bug.
  • Fixed default map in Team Games.
  • Fixed bug where log swells to many megs.
  • Fixed bug where server mutators got dropped.
  • Fixed cancel/close buttons bug in cast menu.
  • Added hud counter (configurable players in User.ini)
  • Added all default Games for voting on.
  • Added Configurable Servernames for all Game types.
  • Added Replication for up to 255 maps to send to player.
  • Added Typing message monitoring at game end before voting.
  • Added several more admin configurations in Admin menu.
  • Replaced all shoulder lights with white lights.

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Download 'ut2vote1_2.zip' (32KB)

To callup the Map Menu should you need it, use:
This is normally bound to the X key by default in UT2003

For Admins to call up the Admin Menu:
ShowVoteMenu Admin

Just unzip the files to the UT2003\System folder on your Server.
Add the Mutator to your Serverpackages (Serverside only)


Remember to remove any previous versions if you had any.

Restart your Server and logon via WebAdmin.
Select the Mutator - UT2Vote and a restart the level.

If you wish to add it to your commandline:

You can also start it from within the game.
Logon as ServerAdmin and enter this string in your console:
Admin ServerTravel DM-Antalus?Game=xGame.xDeathMatch?Mutator=UT2Vote12.UT2Vote

I have kept this voting mutator simple and is basically designed to serve a voting purpose.
I am sure in the future far more elaborate voting sytems will surface.
In the mean time UT2Vote will more than serve your purpose.

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