UT2003Files March DM-Mappack Part 1

ut2003files_march_dm_mappack_part_1.zip —


I've been wanting to create a monthly mappack to include all types of maps, but even by splitting up the maps into the 1st thru 15th of the month, the mappack would have been like 175mb....

This mappack is just the DM maps that we have received for the first half of the month of March, and I am waiting to see what kind of feedback we get on this to see if I will continue to do these mappacks.

The following maps are included in this mappack:

DM-Autumns Dream DM-Cursed Castle DM-DenSe DM-Steamtime DM-BDC Basement DM-D$K Basement DM-Icecave Arena DM-TempleODeath DM-Circle DM-Deep DM-Medieval DM-UnholyGrotto




All of the individual maps readme files are located in the folder called "readme files".  

Extract this zip file to your C:\UT2003 folder.  I have set everything to extract to the appropriate folder.

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