This skin will require Ian Waugh's Exoslave Model in order to enjoy. You can download the model at the following link:



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File Description

This skin will require Ian Waugh's Exoslave Model in order to enjoy. You can download the model at the following link:


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Download 'ut2003skn-tribalslave.zip' (4.73MB)

Skin:    Tribal Slave
Version: 095
Author:  Kirin
Email:   kirin@polycount.com
Web:     www.saphiria.net
MD5 Checksum:

 Package GUID: 45ED10E04E3D3F3B9968968959B4CDC7 Revision: 0 Native 1
  MD5 #0 [67b6df9e0ba9848d3d6bca87c669893d]

 Package GUID: EA802D8D4E2CC765746D33A2C04673DF Revision: 0 Native 1
  MD5 #0 [f42745f760f3bf3fd153891004c0a488]


This skin was made for Ian Waugh's Exoslave model.
This is a custom model that can be downloaded here:


After installing the Exoslave player model,
double click Tribal Slave's UT2MOD file and follow
the onscreen instructions.

Version History

090 - Initial Release
095 - Removed some tatoo markings and replaced them with
      glyphs by request of original author of tatoos


A simple slave chick skin that has a bit of a tribal feel to it. One of
the first skins I have made that involved skinning a lot of mechanics.
I was never too great when it came to skinning stuff that related to
mechs and the like, but I think it turned out decent so here it is.

Enjoy. ^_^

The version number is 095 because I can't figure out how to remove that
visor thingy covering her face.


+ People from the polycount Forums
+ People in #ina (on irc.progameplayer.com)
+ People in #chaoticdreams (on irc.chaoticdreams.org)

And lastly, I'd like to thank Kiwa for giving me
inspiration and the will to live. Thanks! (;_;)
[That last paragraph really sheds a tear to me ...]

Copyrights and Disclaimers

Unreal ® Tournament 2003 © 2002 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA. Unreal
and the Unreal logo are registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc.

SAPHIRIA and this skin is a trademark of Kirin and Kiwa's Home.
Copyright 1997-2002. 

All other names and related materials are trademarks
of their owners.

Do not modify skin without my permission. (After seeing a few clones of
my Flora Beatrice skin, I figured I should get this through some noobs'
thick skulls that they should ask permission first. >:E)

RIP Arya ...

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