Updates in 2.0: To get Spectators, Characters and Team information the server needs ServQuery 102 by 'El Muerte' also supplied with...


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Updates in 2.0: To get Spectators, Characters and Team information the server needs ServQuery 102 by 'El Muerte' also supplied with UT2Monitor. (see in UT2Monitor folder) The following is now available on standard UT2003: - Score Limit, Time Limit, Elapsed Time, Spawn Protection Time, Max Lives, Max Spectators, Number of Spectators on Server, Weapon Stay info, Game Stats info. Other Changes: - Select any Skin Character you want (48 of them) - CD-Key Encryption option - protect your CD-Key.

Fixes in 1.50: - Fixed toolbar image display - Fixed problem with not reading Ports above 9999 - Removed all old UT skins etc. - Fixed maximize problem

UT2Monitor is a Favourites Multiplayer Server Monitor giving many options: Protect your CD-Key with encryption options. Add or subtract up to 20 favourite UT servers. Join the game with a choice up to 48 standard skin characters. Join the game with a choice up to 10 configurable Nicknames. Join the game with a Team Color of your choice. If the game is Password protected, select your Password here. Join the game as a Spectator or Player. Start a Instant Action game and select a map. Start a Instant Action with Botskill and numbers. Select optional Disconnection Time Auto ISP ping for connection stability. Select a Date and Time to disconnect you from your ISP. Option to Shutdown your PC after disconnection. Select an optional User.ini file Use a grid option for better clarity. Scan a selected or all servers. Set optional selected server autoscan. Pings are calculated to the game and not the server. Right clicking on a server gives more options. Selected Server timed autoscan option.

Optional Disconnection. Set Date and Time for Auto Online disconnection. Set whether UT2Monitor pings ISP for stay alive purposes Set optional PC Shutdown after disconnection

Displays with ServQuery. ServQuery (by 'El Muerte') is a Serverside Only addition for UT2003 servers which will greatly enhance the query information sent to clients such as UT2Monitor. The extra options would be: Team sizes and Team Score. Player Character, Gamespeed, Servermode, Gamestats, Goalscore, TimeLimit. Minplayers, Translocator, Mutators used and many more other options. View what Spectators are on the server.

UT2Monitor takes advantage of many of these options, so get your Admin to add ServQuery to his/her UT2003 Server. A copy of ServQuery version 102 can be found in the UT2Monitor folder. For the latest updates on ServQuery please email [email protected]

Awesome utility! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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