New updated version!! If you need a program to handle your UT2003/Cache files, this is the one.


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New updated version!! If you need a program to handle your UT2003/Cache files, this is the one.

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Download 'utcache1_4.zip' (94KB)

******************************* UTCache v1.4 *******************************

-- Install: Just unzip UTCache.exe somewhere and run it when u need it!

-- Cache files: When you connect to a web server that uses a file u don't
*************** have, UT2003 just downloads it and stores it in the UT2003\Cache folder.
	        This means that you cannot use them in your own games :( So UTCache just
	        puts them all back where they should be and you can have all the fun!

-- Un-caching files: Just select them, or click the [Select All] button then press the big
******************** [Un-cache] button.

-- Automatic uncaching: In the [Options] screen, there are 2 checkboxes:
*********************** The 1st one will automatically make UTCache uncache all your files
			when it is launched, and the second will launch UTCache whenever you
			start UT2003 and empty your Cache folder. This is nice, because you
			will never have to uncache files manually, it will just seem as though
			they install automatically.

-- Cache files fixer: If UTCache detects problems in your cache folder, you will get warned at startup.
********************* In this case, it is recommended that you immediately fix the problem(s)!
		      To use this feature efficiently, you must know how your UT2003\Cache folder
		      Is structured. There is a file called "cache.ini" that gives the names of
		      all the files you have downloaded, and points to the actual files themselves,
		      which have names like "9A5768794EF38FB231695D8345455E4B-1.uxx" (32 hexadecimal
		      characters (0->9 and A->F) and "-1.uxx".
		      So UTCache's file fixer (Options-> scans your cache.ini file and the whole
		      contents of the Cache folder to see if they are any files that aren't referenced
		      in both parts, and outputs all this on a nice window. You can then put
		      references back together, delete the strange-named files, or lines in cache.ini
		      quite easily. If you encounter errors in UTCache, try having no files in the
		      RED lists!


Author: MixBlast

Website:  www.calvert.ch/Thomas
EMail: [email protected]

Feel free to send any errors/bugs/suggestions to me :)

UTCache is copyright (c) 2002-2003 Thomas Calvert.
See about box for details.
If you want the source code (VB6) just mail me.

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