UT2Vote give the admin and the players the ability to vote on many different aspects of the games, way beyond just simple map changes. See...


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UT2Vote give the admin and the players the ability to vote on many different aspects of the games, way beyond just simple map changes. See readme file for specific details.

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                    UT2Vote16 - (c) ProAsm 2003
                    email: proasm@stormnet.co.za

                    Yakomo  - yakomo@debitel.net
                    Hellcat - hellcat@hellcat.net
                    MikeDr  - mikedr2@earthlink.net
                    NexXxus - ut-admin@cox.net
                    UTroll  - mail@newbieserver.de

NB.. Dont forget :-)


UT2Vote16 requires Patch 2199 or greater.
UT2Vote16 will CRASH if the EpicBonusPack is not installed.

Do's and Donots
The UT2Vote.ini file, like any other ini file can be added to but NOT subtracted from.
Do not remove the default games supplied in the section:
If you wish to disable any of these just set the AllowVote=False

ClassNames cannot be changed.
You cannot have more than one game with the same ClassName.
That is why 8 "dummy" games are supplied with UT2Vote16
If you wish to create more games with different ClassNames then get GameMake:

The operation and changes in UT2Vote16 will only be covered in brief here.
For full information please visit http://www.unrealza.co.za/proasm

Fixes in Version 1.6


UT2Vote no longer restarts the server if it does not find itself in the ServerPackages.
It will now write a message to the log and just continue as normal.

Incompatible Game Files
This was a big fix.
This happened when a player using the UT2003 Browser, left a server using UT2Vote and joined
another server, they would receive this message and be locked out the game.
I would like to thank Joe Wilcox at Epic Games who helped me fix this problem.

Arena Voting
UT2Vote will now look in the GameType Mutators= and in the ServerMuts=, and should an Arena
be detected like InstaGib, normal Arena and InstaGib voting will be disabled.

Admin switching Mutators
This has now been fixed. An option has also been put in the Admin Menu to enable a single
Player on a server to switch Mutators.

Switching Arenas
An option has also been put in the Admin Menu to enable a single a Player on a server to switch Arenas.

The problems experienced with the chatlog has now all been fixed and is functioning the way
it should have doen in the first place. An additional option has now also been added to the
Admin Menu to enable the logging of the Players Unique ID in the Chatlog.

This glitch has been fixed and is now working fine in 1.6

Tournament Mode
This has now been fixed and the game will now also revert back to normal after a ClanMatch
using the Tournament mode.

In Game VoteTime
This routine has been re-written and is now functioning properly.

Level Change Lockup
This was becoming a serious problem as Admins add more and more Mutators to the Game commandline.
A whole new Server Level Change routine has now been added to combat this problem and an Option
has been added to the Admin Menu to enable this Server Alt Switching.
It is highly recommended that this option remain checked and in use.

Vote Cancelling
The bug where a player could cancel a vote when using Random voting has been fixed.

Additions in Version 1.6

Game Heading Seperators
An Admin can now add a Seperator in the Game Voting display by using a Game option as follows:

GameType=(GameName=&quot;<<<-- InstaGib Games -->>>&quot;,AllowVote=True)

In the Games Menu, should the first 3 characters be either <<< or *** then it will see it as a seperator.

An option to disable the Restart button has been added

Seperate Admin Menu
As the Admin Menu ran out of space for options a second menu has now been added.
This Menu is an Option Menu for the current Game that can be changed etc.

Assault Game
UT2Vote will now recognise an Assault Game and disable itself during this game.
Should players want to make a vote, the VoteMenu needs to be called manually.

Clan Match Status
A Team winning Status Display has been added for Clan Matches - see the last pic in Screenshots

Kicking Players
This has been changed to selecting the number of levels you need to kick a Player for from 1 to 99.
The Admin has the option in the UT2Vote16.ini file for setting the minumum and maximum levels here.
Should an Admin use the KickMenu he has the option of setting the number of levels to zero (0) and
this will kick the player on a permanent basis.

Always Kick Option
An option has been added to the Admin Menu for Always Kicking.
Basically with this checked on, when the ingame Voting time expires and a player now calls the VoteMenu,
the KickVote Menu will popup, so as to always be available.

Logon Logo
The UT2Vote logo has benn replaced and is now drawn to the screen with a 7 seconds fade.

Mutate UT2VoteClient
This has been added so a player can call up the Client Settings after ingame voting limit has timed out.

Due to the hassels caused by UTSecure the AltRedeemer and AltRocketLauncher has been removed from UT2Vote.
A seperate AltRedeemer Mutator has now been made and can be downloaded and added as a Custom Mutator to UT2Vote.

Demo Recording
This has been added mainly for Clan Matches, where an Clan Admin can select this option in the SetupMenu.
The entire match played (all levels) will now be recorded Serverside and the files will be stored in the form:
Normal games can also be recorded as there is now a DemoRec button in the AdminMenu.
Should an Admin not want any Demo recordings to take place on his server, there is an option in the Adminmenu
to disable this function.
Please note, this will only disable recordings that the Clan Admin tries to make.

Show Spectators
The client now has a option to view up to 8 Spectators in the scoreboard.
These will be displayed in the lower left of the screen.

Mutator Voting
When a player now votes for a Mutator or an Arena it will display its name now instead of just
Player voted for a Mutator.

Dummy Games
3 more &quot;dummy&quot; GameTypes have been added to accomodate the Bonuspack for Instagib purposes.
UT2Vote16.vInvasion - UT2Vote16.vMutantGame - UT2Vote16.vLMSGame

This was a very late request and is only in the ini file.
When in non Random voting mode or ingame voting, players are limited to a number of votes
as stipulated by VoteLimit. This is to remove spamming and is defaulted to 3.

A brief description of general ini file settings

Please Note that everything can now be done ingame using the Admin button and is advisable
to do it that way as you can make a mistake by distorting the ini file.

================ [UT2Vote16.UT2Vote] ===================

This covers the basic configurations of UT2Vote as follows:

These passwords are for the Main Admin and the Clan Admin should your server be available
for Clan practices and or Matches. The Clan Admin only has access to the Setup Menu which
enables him to setup a game for a ClanMatch.

The ClassName of the Game that your server will restore to should go here.
Normally the game that is written in your ServerStartup string goes here.
If left blank, the first time you start your server, UT2Vote will put that game here.
Every 2 minutes UT2Vote checks the current game and if it does not meet certain specifications
as laid down by the Admin, the game will automatically be switched back to the Default Game.
These conditions are as follows:
Case 1 - Not enough Players:
a) If the game has not ended
b) If there are more than 0 players
c) If there are less players than required
d) If the current game is not the Default game

Case 2 - Also not enough Players
a) If game has ended
b) If there are less players than required
c) If current game is not the Default game

Case 3 - Mutator in use
a) If a custom mutator was voted
b) If a default mutator was voted
c) If there are no players on the server

Case 4 - Arena in use
a) If a voted arena is in use
b) If there are no players on the server

Case 5 - Not default game
a) If current game is not default game
b) If there are no players on the server

Mutators that will be used on ALL games go here and get top priority.

This also is for ?Command= strings that will be used on ALL games for instance:

It is advisable to leave this as True as this solves a problem where a player
sometimes gets locked out when the level changes over.

Whether players are allowed to vote for the mentioned items.

Setting this do True, will disable the Game end Menu popup.

This enables the Yes/No Menu to popup during the game if a Vote was made.

The amount of time UT2Vote must wait for players to make up their mind what to vote
for before forcing a map changeover.

The amount of time players are allowed to vote for from the start of the game.

The amount of grace time given to players who are busy chatting while UT2Vote waits
for them so it can popup the VoteMenu

As in GameEndWait but for ClanMatches that have Voting disabled.

The minimum and maximum levels set by the Admin in which players can be banned for when kicked.

An alternate method of voting to the Yes/No popup system and is currently the most popular.

The time a VoteMenu waits for players to make their votes during Random voting.

The brightness of player skins. UT2003 defaults to 40

This will enable or disable the above function.

If set to True players will have shoulder lights during a Deathmatch game.

The will log all player chatting to a file called UT2VoteChatLog.txt

This will show the players UniqueID in the chatlog if enabled.

Whether players are allowed to use BehindView 1 during a game.

If set to True, the adrenaline capsules will be removedduring games.

If set to True, then frag and combo adrenaline will not happen.

This allows players to vote when they are dead and during a ClanMatch when the game starts.

Advisable to leave as True, as this monitors if the Admin sets up something in WebAdmin
that UT2Vote dissagrees with and will reset itself to what is necessary.
Also most time WebAdmin will dump UT2Vote and this will not allow that to happen.

When a Kick vote is made, the players involved will not have there names displayed.

If set to True, allows players to vote for these items when they are alone on your server.

If set to True and after the VoteMenu timeout during the game and a player calls the VoteMenu,
he will get the KickMenu instead.

This is the maximum amount of time allowed for a ClanMatch warmup.

If set to True, it will not allow the Clan Admin to make serverside demos of their matches.

==================== [UT2Vote16.UT2VoteGameTypes] =======================

UT2Vote16 Game configuration settings

NB. the original games supplied MUST remain here at all times and NEVER be removed.

These are the GameTypes that UT2Vote will use in its Game menu.
For new games you can copy and paste one of them and then change the necessary items to suite the new game.
If you do not want a game to appear in the GameMenu just set the AllowVote=False


Here every game, whether default or custom will be setup all in one line
and can be individually configured.
UT2Vote is supplied with the 16 default Games.
The 8 original and 8 additional which are extensions to the original so
that you can define any of these 8 with special Mutators.
These additional 8 games have classnames as UT2Vote16.vDeathMatch and all
have the Mutator InstaGib but can be changed to whatever you want.

When creating another Game entry, just copy and paste any one of them then
go and change the necessary configurations.
There are a few that need to be done in the UT2Vote16.ini file before you
setup the rest in the AdminMenu, although you can do the whole lot here if
you so wish.

Here I will give an example of how to create a new Game and go through
each setting in detail.
A typical GameType configuration looks like this: (all in one line)

GameType=(GameName=&quot;Capture the Flag&quot;,AllowVote=True,RequiredPlayers=2,

So lets say we have just copied and pasted that line and want to change it
to DeathBall.


This is one of the most important entries you make as a lot depends on the GameName.
The actual length of the GameName depends on how many games you can fit
into UT2Vote... let me explain.
The way in which UT2Vote sends the information to the client is different to most.
UT2Vote can send a maximum of 440 characters to the Clients GameMenu so....

Lets take a name like &quot;Capture the Flag&quot; which has 16 characters.
So if all the games had 16 characters that would be 440 / (16 + 1) the + 1
is the comma that seperates each game.
This means UT2Vote can handle 25 games. Any others would be dumped.
Fortunately most games have short names and you can call it what you like.
Please Note: no commas or fullstops are allowed in a GameName.
So in our example GameName=&quot;Death Ball&quot;


Self explanatory, if set to True then it will appear in the GamesMenu and
players can vote for it.
If however it is set to false, UT2Vote will completely ignore it as if it
does not even exist.
In our example AllowVote=True


Here you stipulate the minumum number of Yes votes required for this game
to be played.
in our example lets say RequiredPlayers=4 as DeathBall is boring with only
2 players.


For the want of a better name, but this is the number of Levels that go by
before any Map can be vcoted for again in this game. 0 means its always
available on every level.
In our example lets make it MapLimits=1


This is the Servername you want to appear in the UTBrowser or any browser
for that matter and is usefull for when this gametype is playing as it
identifies what game is being played. If it is just &quot;&quot; or &quot;None&quot; then it
wont get used.
In our example we will call it ServerName=&quot;ProAsm's Deathball Game&quot;


If set to False, then UT2Vote will use all the maps in the Maps folder
otherwise if set to True, UT2Vote will use the maps found in this games
default maplist. Just make sure you have selected some maps in the
mapslist which can be done from WebAdmin or directly in your UT2003.ini
In our case we set it to UseMapList=False


This is very important especially if this becomes your DefaultGameClass.
Here you set the name of a default map that UT2Vote will use if this
gametype is selected to do an auto defaultgame switch.
In our example we use DefaultMap=&quot;DB-Cube&quot;


Without this the MapVoteMenu will CRASH and display all sorts of garbage
so make sure its correct and in uppercase.
In our example it will be MapPrefix=&quot;DB&quot;


Here I'm going to spend a bit of time here as this confuses many Admin as they often end up putting all sorts of garbage in here. Its only a pity that Modders don't mention there Game or Mutator ClassNames in their Readme files.... such a pity

Some things to remember about a ClassName is it will ALWAYS be 2 names seperated by a period.

The best way to find a Game, Mod or Mutators ClassName is to look in the INT file that comes with that Mod.


What you are interested in, in all cases is the part between the Name= and the very next ',' comma.

In this case it is DeathBall.DB_Deathball It is of paramount importance that you have this ClassName correct else you will not only crash UT2Vote but you will without a doubt crash your whole server as well, so if you are not 100% sure, either write to the author of the Mod or just dump the mod.

In our example it will be GameClass=&quot;DeathBall.DB_Deathball&quot;


Here you enter the Mutators ClassNames you want specifically with this
game. If you have more than 1 seperate them with a comma.
Please Note.. nowhere ever do you enter UT2Vote in as a Mutator anywhere as it will see to that itself.

If you dont want any Mutators with this game leave it as &quot;&quot; or &quot;None&quot;
In our example lets leave it as Mutators=&quot;None&quot;


Now comes the juicy part as here you setup all the game parameters you
want and they are all self explanatory, but we will go through them just
incase some of you are still new at startup commands.

Normally used in a LastManStanding or Invasion game.

This is the fraglimit, goals or the number of flags needed to win the game.

This is the max timelimit allowed for the game. If set to 0, the game will
continue till the GoalScore is reached.

This mainly refers to Bots on a server. If set to 2 means if there is only
one player, he will play with a Bot.  When a second player joins the game, the Bot will leave and the players carry on. If set to 0, no Bots will be allowed.

The total number of players allowed on a server.

The total number of Spectators allowed on a server.

Set to True or False, depends if this game uses the Translocator or not.
If True the Translocator will be used.

Set to True or False, if set to False this game will have its weapons
dissapear when picked up and respawned a while later.

Set to True or False, if True and a Team type game, UT2003 will try and
balance the teams equally otherwise the players need to do it manually
themselves which is sometimes better as UT always screws it up :)

Set to True or False, if True then when a player dies he will immediately
be respawn.

Set to True or False, if True then everyone needs to click their Fire
button to indicate they are ready before a game can start.

Set between 1 and 7, this is the skill level that the Bots will play at.

Set to True or False, self explanatory, but if you want Bots on your
server, set it to False.

This only effects a local Instant Action game and has no effect on a
server.  It is basically the number of Bots you want to play with.


There are several other commands you can just add on to the end if you
like, but just remember to seperate
each one with a ? (question mark) and keep them within the &quot;&quot; (quotes).

All these commands are available for the Admin in the UT2Vote AdminMenu to change at any time he/she wishes.
==================== [UT2Vote16.UT2VoteCustomMuts] =======================

Like with the GameTypes you can copy and paste new lines here and just change
the necessary name and Class for any Mutator that you want added for voting on.

Mutator=(FriendlyName=&quot;Camouflage Combo&quot;,AllowVote=True,MutClassName=&quot;Bonuspack.MutCrateCombo&quot;,Voted=False)

The Voted=False at the end is for UT2Votes use only and should not be touched.

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