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I have been waiting for this file since the demo. I cant count the number of times I have destroyed a node, hopped out of my vehicle to set...


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I have been waiting for this file since the demo. I cant count the number of times I have destroyed a node, hopped out of my vehicle to set it up and have some little asswipe from the other team sneak out of his little rat hole and 'jack my vehicle. WELL NO MORE!!! Thanks to this mutator, once you drive the vehicle, no one from the other team can get in it :)

BUT WAIT! Theres more! The author(and I thought this was smart) also made a reverse mutator. instead of locking everything, it UNLOCKS everything, even if that enemy leviathin hasnt been touched, you can hop in and kick their asses with it ;D

I love this file!!!!

*uses force mind trick* "You will download this file now!"


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 Vehicle Locking Mutator Created By Tempest - 07-April-2004

Description:-	This package contains 2 mutators for Onslaught.
		The first is Vehicle Locking - Locked, this stops
		any enemy Hijacking your vehicle. Once you get out
		the vehicle is locked and cannot be stolen by an
		enemy person.

		The Second is Vehicle Locking - Unlocked, this makes
		all vehicles open for use on an onslaught map. Both
		side will be able to hijack each others vehicles without
		the need for the vehicle to be driven by one of its team.

Features V1.0:-	Redirect File Included
		Made into utt4mod installer.

Installation:- 	Run the installer and specify the path to the UT2004 folder.
		Redirect:- It will be placed in a folder called redirect in your UT2004 folder.
		For Redirect Sites add
		VehicleLocking.u.uz2 to your redirect folder.

Uninstallation:-Remove or delete the three files. Simple as that.
		located in the system folder.

Tools.		ConText.

Resources.  	UT2K4 Atari Forums -

		Unreal Wiki -

		UT2K4 - DVD Tutorials.

Reason for This:- Basis of my Living Each Day!

Kudos To:- Me, Me and uhh Me! a little to Epic and Atari.

LEGAL STUFF - Standard Stuff.
Do not:-
	Decompile My Files without my permission
	MODIFY MY Files without my permission
	Use My File For Criminal Damage (I Cant See How)
	Enjoy UT2K4
	Enjoy My Gift I Give To You
	Share this Zipped File (Leave all files intact (including this Important!))
	Inform me of where it is hosted, for my records

	 May Cause Loss of Data (I said May, It hasn't Yet Though)
	 May Cause Insomnia
	 May Case RSI

	    I Am Not Rsponsible For Loss/Corruption of Data etc etc
	    All My Files Have Been Scanned By Nortons Antivirus

Originally available from:- and

Unreal Tournament is Copyright of Epic.
All Copyrights Reserved

     email to:-

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