Hey! She's cute, she got a sister?


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Hey! She's cute, she got a sister?

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Victoria skin for UT2003
Created by Mic-x1 and Zerina3

Files included in this Zip:
Readme (you are reading it now)
Victoria pictures

On working on Victoria our fourth skin we took off some equipment off to thin the model out a bit and changed the hairsyle. Victoria is a full skin pack with team skins,we hope you like it. Now that pushing skins on servers is posible with the latest patch look for newer versions of our other skins being re-released very soon.

Insert Victoria.utx into the Textures folder of UT2003
Insert Victoria.upl into the System folder of UT2003

1) For Bio copy whole line of text and characters from Victoria Bio folder included in this download.
2) Open up the System folder of UT2003 look for the file XPlayers open the XPlayers file using notepad.
3)Scroll to the last entry of text in the XPlayers file then paste the whole line that was copied in step 1 to the blank area at the bottom.
4)Make sure a empty line exist between the pasted entry and the previous entry. And that the pasted text lines up or starts with all the other text.
You could always make your own bio just make sure to keep all the spaces and special characters the same, just change the text.

Special Thanks and Credits to:
My Daughter Zerina3, without her artistic help and overall love for this game this skin may not have been created.

Epic/De/Infogrames for once again creating an awesome game.

And the UT community which is the heatbeat of these games.

Note: This skin is open to the community to use freely.
Other skins for UT2003 from Mic-x1 and Zerena3------Dawn

Note: Work in progress- A Dm Map which we been working on the last month, so if you see our names on a Dm map yes thats us and please give it a try its going to be good.

Please use the heading UT2003 Skins in subject of email.

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