Liandri thought it had found the perfect tournament site...until a war broke out! Who would have thought the perfect field could get even b...


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Liandri thought it had found the perfect tournament site...until a war broke out! Who would have thought the perfect field could get even better? Watch out for land mines and falling bombs. And don't forget to watch out for your enemies!

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Level Summary
Title                : War Zone
Level Name           : CTF-WarZone
Filename             : CTF-WarZone.ut2
Version              : 1.0f
Release Date         : 7/2/2003
Author               : Blitz
Email Address        : blitzthethief@delta-quadrant.net
Web Site             : http://www.unrealplayground.com/mapper.php?id=1685

Copy the .ut2 file to your <ut2003>\Maps directory.

Level Details
Game                 : Unreal Tournament 2003
Type                 : Capture the Flag
Recommended Players  : 8-16
Mods                 : Scripting as noted below.
Description          : 

Liandri thought it had found the perfect tournament 
site...until a war broke out!  Who would have thought 
the perfect field could get even better?  Watch out 
for land mines and falling bombs.  And don't forget 
to watch out for your enemies!

Known Bugs           : 
Construction Time    : 4 weeks
Editor Used          : UnrealEd 3.0
Base Level           : BR-WarZone

Thanks to Spiffness for testing the &quot;X&quot; version to verify
the banishment of the &quot;invisible wall&quot; bug on GF2 video

Special thanks to Scourgem for providing the mesh for the
sandbags!  Also, thanks to Scourgem and Squirrelinabox for
helpful feedback in developing this CTF version.

Thanks to MortalPlague, Scourgem, iamthewebguy (-=JUDGE=-) 
and all the people over at Unreal Playground 
(www.unrealplayground.com) for all the helpful feedback 
during the beta process of the original map!  Much of what 
you see on the map was based on suggestions or ideas that 
sprang from chatting with these folks.

Author's Notes
This is the &quot;X&quot; version of my map.  It is the same as the
original version, except that I fixed a bug with invisible
walls on some video cards.  I also added 1 health charger--
see if you can figure out which one!

I didn't originally think that this map was a good candidate
for conversion from Bombing Run.  I felt that parts of the
map might get ignored.  After playing around with flag
positioning, and making some modifications to the routes and
paths, I think it works pretty well.  I think the bots
attack and defend better than in the Bombing Run map.

Among the changes to this map are some fixes to the scripting.
When playing the BombingRun version online, I noticed that
the triggerlights were constantly strobing and that my sound
effects were missing.  After playing with this, I have concluded
that I am unable to achieve these effects in net play, so
I now destroy these lights and stop the appropriate triggers
except during standalone play.  This has improved the FPS
of the network game, at the cost of some of my effects, so
I guess it's a good trade.
Scripting Notes
This level contains many custom scripts.  Most notably,
the MineVolume is a type of PhysicsVolume that causes
players to explode the moment the step into it.  I did
this as a volume rather than a simple trigger because
I wanted to be able to cover large or odd shaped areas,
and volumes seemed more flexible.  My original ideas
did not work out for this particular map, but the
volumes remain.

Some PlayerStarts have been modified.  I created an object
called ProtectedPlayerStart that offers some degree of
protection from spawn campers.  This was needed because of the
spawn areas I created.  If I put in weapons for players to use
to protect themselves, then the bots tended to stake out
random spots too far away from the action.  So a word of
caution...don't spawn camp, as you will end up standing alone
while your enemies spawn near better weapons to put on an
even stronger defense.

I also created some triggers for creating special effects.
Two are timed triggers that will go off at random intervals.
The TimedTrigger Object is specifically designed to work with 
trigger lights.  I also allow attaching a sound, which will 
then cause the light to stay on for exactly the same duration 
as the sound.  I use this to create the illusion of distant 
gunfire to go along with my war zone theme. The other is purly
for triggering a group of sounds one at a time.  The order
can be either sequential or random.  This is a useful 
alternative to emitters, which handle intervals separately for
each sound.  For simple projectile spawning, my ProjectileTrigger 
can be used.  I have tested it with simple rockets, flak shells 
and redeemer blasts, though I am only using it for rockets on 
this map.

Finally, I have added a custom mover called &quot;BomberMover&quot;
to control my bombers.  This basically adds a Bomber state
to the mover object which acts like a non-oscillating 
constant mover, but with the ability to pause between runs.
The flight sound and bombing action of the bomber is controlled
by a series of custom triggers called &quot;FlightPath&quot;.  These
are very specific to my needs for the bombers, and probably 
not very useful in other levels.  The following objects make
up the bombs: Bomb, BombChunk, DamTypeBomb, DamTypeBombChunk, 

Please feel free to use any of these custom objects in your
own maps, with the following restrictions:

1. Please leave my name in the comments of the script.
2. If you make changes, please list them in the comments
   along with your name.
Copyright, permissions
Copyright ©2002 by Blitz.  All rights reserved.

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels without my expressed, written permission.

You are NOT authorized to distribute this level EXCEPT in its
original, unmodified form with THIS file attached in its original,
unmodified form.

You are NOT authorized to charge fees for the sale, use or 
distribution of this level without my expressed, written 
permission.  This includes, but is not limited to, compilation 
CD's, disks or software bundles.

Unreal Tournament 2003 © 2002 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA. 

Unreal and the Unreal logo are registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. 
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All other trademarks and trade names are the property 
of their respective owners. 

Unreal Tournament 2003 was created by Digital Extremes. Manufactured and 
marketed by Infogrames, Inc., New York, New York, under license from 
Epic Games, Inc.

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