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Very nice Weaponbalance mutator. See readme file for complete list of updates/changes/features. Updated: Version 1.4 fixes a probl...


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Very nice Weaponbalance mutator. See readme file for complete list of updates/changes/features.

Updated: Version 1.4 fixes a problem with the shield gun not showing up when the mutator is working alongside other mutators.

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//WeaponBalance v.1.4

First off, before I begin, I want to thank Hanzo|M, Victum,
and Rens2sea from the Infogrammes forums.

I honestly wouldn't have been able to do this without their 
help. So if you enjoy this mutator, be sure to thank them as 
if you ever get the chance.

Second, this is built from Hanzo's WeaponBalance mutator. I 
was the one who had contacted him about such a thing being 
constructed and he obliged by giving me a base to work from.


To Install:
Copy or move the WeaponBalance.u and WeaponBalance.int file to 
your UT2k3\System directory.

Play the game in instant action and activate the Weapon 
Balance mutator.


Okay, the changes in this release are as follows:
SPS = Shots per second

ShieldGun -

Primary fire...
Default charge time (to get to full power) was 4 seconds. I 
changed it to 1.5 seconds. Also, the force scale (for yourself 
only, the ammount of force you exert on enemies remains the 
same) has been increased from 1 to 1.4. Basically, if you 
could propel yourself 10ft into the air before with an impact 
jump, you can now propel yourself 14ft into the air (instead 
of having a multiple of 1, you have a multiple of 1.4). Damage 
scale has not changed though.

Secondary fire...
Shield charge increased to 125 from 100.


Assault Rifle -

Primary fire...
Fires faster. Damage per shot has been changed from 7 to 6. 
Check "To Do List" for what is in the works for it.


Shock Rifle -

Shock Combo...
Now uses 4 ammo instead of 5. Even I didn't appreciate the 
price increase on this one.


LightningGun -
Fires faster.

Default speed is 1.8 SPS, I have taken it down to 1.2 SPS. You 
can compare this to the SniperRifle in Classic UT which was 
near 0.6/0.7 SPS (very fast).


MiniGun -

Primary fire...
Fires very fast. Fires very accurate.

Secondary fire...
Fires at half the rate of primary fire mode. Fires very 
spammy (good for shooting into a group of enemies). Does 12 
damage per shot.


To Do List:
1. Fix spread on Assault Rifle... and MAYBE make it spawn with 
5 grenades instead of 4. But first priority for this weapon is 
the primary fire's accuracy. (for those inquiring minds, it's 
not the spreadstyle, it's not the spread rate, etc... 
something else is causing it to be not accurate).

2. Adjust control from guided redeemer projectile. Make it 
more responsive (easier to turn, etc).

3. That's about it really... unless I receive a LOT of people 
asking for something else.


Email = tufluck16@hotmail.com (please include "Weapon" and/or 
"Balance" and/or "Mutator" in the subject, I have filters set 
up on my email and that's the only way I can assure you that 
your email won't get filtered into my garbage).

AIM = jackskidneys

MSN Messenger = tufluck16@hotmail.com

Btw, in case you're curious as to who I was on the boards... 
I'm ToastGodSupreme (aka Captain_Returno, aka ToastGod)

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