All I got to say is, this is a boatload of mutators. Just read the readme below for more info.


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All I got to say is, this is a boatload of mutators. Just read the readme below for more info.

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//XXXpak v100 README
//also see xpak.html for the same info or for the latest.
//RegularX : [email protected]

I'd like to thank EvilDrWongPhd and Pxtl for input, ideas and suggestions (specifically Wong for Burning Man and Pxtl for the Adrenvores). This new edition combines it all into one zip, so there can be no more compatibility problems. It also corrects numerous bugs, adds new mutators (Night Vision, Spider, etc.) and corrects several netcode issues. 
To install the XXXPak, download the zip and extract the files into your UT2003 folder. The source is included here, and extracts into folders xpak, xpakii and xpakiii in the UT2003 folders, with a copy of this file and then the .u and .int files go into the system folder. 
To run these on a server, you'll need to add these lines to your UT2003.ini file:

And run ucc mastermd5 *.u in your UT2003/System folder on the server. 
You can email me at [email protected] with questions, comments or suggestions. You can also go the forums at Modsquad for discussion. If you like the XXXpak, I suggest you check out Freehold NG, the UT2003 conversion of the Freehold UT mod. 
The current version of the XXXPak contains the following mutators, and more description and a guess to their netcode status is available in-game... 

Adrenaline Mutators
Cooler: Constantly reduces adrenaline

Heater: Constantly raise adrenaline

Surge: Add Additional Adrenaline Rules

Double Adrenaline: Double Max Adrenaline

No Combos: No adrenaline combos can be performed

Infinite Adrenaline: Adrenaline always maxed out

Double Damage Combo: Gives UDamage on the Combo

Burning Man Combo: Light yourself on fire with this combo

Adrenovore II: Players start with 50 adrenaline. Adrenaline lowers over time and if it reaches zero - your head explodes.

Adrenowench: Taking damage lowers adrenaline

Adrenovore: Doing damage increases your adrenaline

Infinite Combos: Perform multiple combos

Gameplay Mutators
Sprint: Increase ground speed based on adrenaline

Limp: Speed based on health and adrenaline

Terminal Velocity: Increases the speed of corpses

Ammo Regeneration: Regenerate ammo of your current weapon

Infinite Ammo: Ammo always maxed out

Easy Gib: Players always gib on death

Unreal Health: Health is lowered if over 100

Skeleton Crew: Players play as skeletons

BrightSkins: Player skins are brighter and easier to see

Night Watch: Lights are dimmed, players get a searchlight

Night Vision: Everyone plays with night vision on, forcing the world into a bluish hue

Spider: pressing the walk button lets you walk on walls.

Weapon Mutators
Instant Weapon: Add another default weapon to the inventory

Assault Rifle Magnum: Assault Rifle does more damage

Shield Gun Magnum: Increase damage and range of the Shield Gun

Rocket Launcher Magnum: Rocket Launcher fires quicker and in clusters

Minigun HE: Alt fire of the Minigun gets more explosive rounds

Easy Super Weapons: Super Weapons swapped into the map

RegenX Dispenser: Fire regenerative goo or inject yourself

Beam Cannon: Instantly lethal high intensity laser rifle

Aura Rifle: Can drain/recharge battery with primary fire, heal people with alt fire

SlipSuit: Item which places a near frictionless field around the user, allowing faster running and better jumping

Pulse Launcher: Launches pulse grenades

Powered Down Translocator: Power down the Translocator.

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