This is an okay skin - It has all the stuff needed to make a decent skin, it looks good enough, and fits with the UT feel pretty well. I tend to see this skin as a good job, but I don't see it as a brilliant skin, model, because its not really that different from other skins, especially the 'Motig' model, seeing as it stands out so much. I don't understand the name, but I'm not gonna complain about that :) A worthy skin to add to your collections, especially seeing as this is the authors first skin for UT2003. Perhaps next time we can see a more custom skin, instead of a redraft of a premade one? I look forward to it.

~Szico VII~



Skin Name: Zephyr
Base Skin: Motig
Model Used: Motig
Programs: Adobe Photoshop 5.5, UT2003 Editor
Team Support: Yes/No (no colors, just the little lights)
Bot Support: Yes

Hi.  My Name's DJ_Zephyr and you are a proud owner of the final beta of the first mod 
I have ever made for any game!  I chose UT2003 because (1) it is the best game I have 
EVER played (shame Jedi Academy's bots were such wussies), and (2) it came with 
everything I needed to get started!  I first tried using UPaint, but the program 
was being an @$s and not doing what I told it to do.  I almost gave up, until I 
found a useful tutorial by an unknown author (God bless his soul) that taught me 
what I needed to know.  The first version was a whopping 11 megs, until I found 
UnEditors's compression tool!

This is basically just a re-color, done with Photoshop and the UnReal Editor.  
I added some decals to his armor, recolored many of the rivets, and added some 
battle damage to the face armor.  He also has a scar in his right eye.  I was gonna 
make him a hybrid, with the red bood, eyes, and skin of a human, but it proved too 
much, as it is my first shot at skinning.  I'll probably redo this later; maybe I'll 
figure out how to add team skins and armor shaders (that would be bad-ass; e-mail me 
any tips at [email protected]), and maybe some new sounds.  Keep an eye peeled for 
more reskins (I'll probably do Cobalt, Remus, Mokara, or the Link Gun next), and I 
might release some maps and mods, as well.

Extract the UPL file into the UT2003/system folder
Extract the UTX file into the UT2003/textures folder

Feel free to use any content in these files.  Don't distribute it without my 
permission, however, and if you do distribute it, give me credit where credit is due.  Send any feedback to my above e-mail adress (no spamming!), or post a comment at ut2003files.com.  And all you guys at www.ut2003files.com, don't be so harsh to us noobs!!!  Like I said, this is my first-ever mod for ANY game, so take it easy!  If you don't like it, don't download it.

Tanks for downloading, and remember-
MiX iT uP!
DJ Zephyr

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