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This is a Instagib mutator that adds a few visual effects to the game


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This is a Instagib mutator that adds a few visual effects to the game

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Download 'zoominstagibextra.zip' (63KB)

ZoomInstagibExtra final (previous versions ka ezi1b/ezi1c) by nUTcase

a lot of changes over the ezi1b/ezi1c versions in my view.

What does this mutator do?

Since the regular zoominstagib is very poor on visual effects,this mutator adds some visual effects to
the game.

Hm what can i expect?

The first change to the game is that when you shoot with the instarifle,the energy that comes
from the rifle remains on the surface that you shot for a few seconds.
The energy is viualised in the form of a plasmadome that emittes energy in the form of high voltage electricity.
To get some extra hype in the game it is possible to be damaged when you touch this dome(to not change the instagameplay
to much the damage is very slight and your health can be regained easely by just picking up some minihealthpacks.
By the way ,the part of your body that was hitting the dome will burn and you ll see the flame and smoke from that bodypart.

The other extra thing i added is the way you die.
When you die you ll see an extra effect (compare it to a very small redeemerdeath)and you get kicked up in the air
while your body is burning and smoking.

Other features;

Support for watersurfaces,meaning shooting a watersurfaces will start extra effects like little bubbles,etc.
Working in teamgames.
Removed the anoying static(the disturtion you see when you zoom in regular zoominstagib).
The instarifle now has an impactsound (its means you hear the beam impact in the area where you stand)
This mutator has been made with the focus on onlineplay and is working without any bugs.
I did my best to keep this mutator as small as possible knowing a lot of servers have small bandwidt.

Just copy the files zoominstagibextra.int and zoominstagibextra.u in your systemfolder of ut2003
and choose it in the mutatorlist.

Only needed for serveradmins;
add the line"serverpackages=ZoomInstagibExtra"to your "Engine.GameEngine"section in your ut2003.ini

(in case people have problems connecting to your server its good to click
on the makemd5package.bat in your system folder,this is needed only once).

schiedam netherlands (yes thats why my english sucks so bad)

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