Ladder DeathMatch on 3rd Apr & 10th Apr

[quote] This is an open invitation to invite you to join our coming DeathMatch for free plus winner walks away with $400 USD+. Round 4 D...

0 19 years ago
MSU Grand Finals Mods

Deathball Domain 2049 Frag.Ops Strike Force Troopers: Dawn of Destiny Red Orchestra Metaball Alien Swarm Air Buccaneers Damnation...

0 19 years ago
Threedy Forums Modeling Compition

New Page 1 A modeling competition is being held at Threedy Forums. A variety of prizes are being offered for the ...

0 20 years ago
Make Something Unreal Contest Update

Here (in no particular order) are the Voice/Sound Category finalists for Phase 1 of the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal Contest. ...

0 20 years ago
Make Something Unreal Phase 1 Finalists

(from http://unreal.epicgames.com) Here (in no particular order) are the Original Level Category (levels using original art content) fina...

0 20 years ago
$1,000,000 NVIDIA Make Something Unreal Contest

Nvidia are doing a contest (in association with Epic Games and Atari Inc) which will involve $1,000,000. Over the course of the next few day...

0 21 years ago
1v1 Tournament with ca$h prizes!

[quote]OwNed YoU! is proud to present its inaugral UT2K3 1v1 tournament this will be a 32/slot tournament. Prizes will be: $50/1st Place ...

0 21 years ago
UT2k3 Mapping Contest Announced

[quote] Announcing the first FactoryUnreal UT2K3 mapping contest! The point of this contest is to bring DM mapping back to its roots. Z-ax...

0 21 years ago
UT2003 Demo Contest - Win a Radeon 9700 Pro

You gotta be quick though, there are only two more fragging days till the final. Gamespy arcade and ATI have teamed up to bring us a competi...

0 21 years ago
Deathball League being formed up right now!

You better hurry, only 2 spots are left out of 20 as of this posting. The rules are simple and to the point. If you are a fan of Deathball...

0 21 years ago
Win an ATI Radeon 9700!

Calling out to all you l33t UT2k3 Death Match Gods! VE3D.com and ATI are teaming up to offer $1,000 (USD) and a Radeon 9700 to the survivor...

0 21 years ago
FactoryUnreal Mapping Contest!

[quote]FactoryUnreal is running a UT 2003 DM Mapping contest. The winner will receive their choice of a 3-month UT or UT2K3 private 10 playe...

0 21 years ago